Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: JOE turns 3 and had a Doc McStuffins Party

I can't believe I am actually typing this. My first baby, the one who made me a mom, the one who has given us sleepless nights and brought us so much joy, laughter and happiness is 3. WOW! I can still remember her labor like it was last month. I remember seeing her for the first time and now, I am celebrating God's blessings, his favor and his protection on our first daughter. I am celebrating that he picked J and I to be her parents. I am celebrating that she is one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, opinionated, happy, intelligent little girl I know. 
To say each day has been a wonderful adventure with her would be an understatement. 

For her 3rd birthday, we asked JOE the theme she would like for her birthday party and she said she wants a Doc McStuffins party. So being the mom that I am, I went to Pinterest to get ideas for an awesome Doc McStuffins party. 

This year, since I also have JAE and am a full time pumping mom, it wasn't so easy to find time to do a lot of DIY items for JOE's birthday so it was important to me that I chose items that wouldn't require too much time, were relatively inexpensive BUT would still make her very happy. 
Since she is getting older, I also wanted to make sure she was more involved in her party and she definitely gave me feedback every step of the way and I am happy to report that her party was a success. 

Here is a quick picture recap of her Doc McStuffins birthday party.  

I made thermometers .

And band-aids.

And a picture frame for taking pictures. However, this one was forgotten during the party and I don't think anyone got to use it for pictures. Oh well...I do love the happy and silly face of J and JOE.

Also made the food signs using what was left from the frame.

I also made this sign for the door leading to the party room.

The Dessert Table:
Since Doc McStuffins does all sorts of check ups, I thought this would be a fun sign for the sweets table.

We attended a birthday party late in the summer where JOE had mini-cupcakes. When I went with her to the store to put in the order for her cake, she insisted that she wanted mini-cupcakes. So that's what we got. We got them in chocolate and vanilla flavor with pink and purple frosting. Then I ordered some Doc McStuffins themed rings from Shindigz and put them on the cupcakes.

The thermometers was a huge hit!

As were the band-aids.

We got the main cake from our local Wegman's and they did an excellent job with it. JOE chose the design and shape and everything. 

I found these beautiful candles on

Cotton Balls! I initially went to the store to pick up white marshmallows. However, next to them were these fruit flavored marshmallows which cost the a few cents more. These were a hit at the party and I'm glad I "brightened" things up a bit instead of going with my initial intent.

The food table. We got pizza and I made wings while JOE's grammy made some mini smokies which JOE loves!

We were able to score a deal on the Magician through groupon. This was a big hit. JOE loves "pretend tricks" and Doc McStuffins was a magician for Halloween last year so this went well with the party's theme. This guy was very good and definitely kept the audiences' attention the entire time.

The smile on her face melts my heart.

The doc sign displayed on the door to the party. This sign also now adorns one of JOE's birthday gifts.

JAE also got to spend some time with her grammy. 

The best words I got came towards the end of the party when JOE said "this is the best birthday party!" Those words filled J's and my heart with so much joy. We make sacrifices so that our kids can have things we either didn't have or can have better than we did. Growing up, my parents always told me "I want you to do more and be better than we were." That is our goal for our kids as well and this was one sacrifice we are happy we made.

JOE made out very well! Here are just some of her many toys from our very generous friends and family.

This was a gift from J and I. I think it was her favorite gift. She's done a ton of role playing with this. Even the animals from the "Nice and Friendly Corners" (Disney's Sheriff Callie) have gotten checkups in Doc's clinic.

Remember the sign from her party? Well, it now adorns the front of her clinic. 

JOE got her first pair of heels as a gift and she couldn't wait to walk in them. She especially loves that they light up when she walks.

JOE also received a farm house for her birthday and she loves it! It comes with keys to the various doors and this has kept her entertained.

This year, I think we got it right with JOE's gifts. She was beyond thrilled with all her toys.

JOE turning 3 marked 3 years of J and I as parents. Its been the best 3 years of our lives and we are both very much looking forward to watching JOE and JAE grow up to be the awesome people that God has made them. 

Happy 3rd Birthday JOE. We love you VERY VERY MUCH!

I'll post more on the DIY items next week. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. How creative! The Band-Aids and the thermometers, so creative!! I also love the marshmallows being used as cotton balls.

    My niece also loves Doc McStuffins and would have enjoyed going!

    I can't believe she is 3 years old already! Happy Birthday JOE!

  2. Awwww bless, well done mummy! Very creative party you done, even with a little baby on your hands! Happy birthday JOE! Have a blessed and beautiful new year x

  3. This was such a great party J. I love all the details, you are a true DIYer. The magician was a great idea too, that guy was hilarious, he definitely kept the kids entertained.

    It was such a pleasure to celebrate JOE's 3rd birthday with you guys. Looking forward to many more celebrations.

  4. The joys of being a three year old girl...too cute! And adorable!


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