Monday, November 30, 2015

DIY Monday: Giving Thanks

It was a pretty nice long weekend. We got 2-hours early dismissal the day before Thanksgiving so I was able to go to the nail salon to get my nails done and relax a bit before kicking off the weekend. 

We spent Thanksgiving with J's family and it was a lovely time. I often make a big breakfast for us at home, we eat a light lunch and then we have dinner with J's family. JOE thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with her grandparents and uncle. JAE is still a little weary of anyone who is not J, JOE, me or her child care provider. But she will grow out of it. JOE used to be like that but grew out of it. 
We all had a lovely dinner and it was good to catch up on what's been going on with everyone.

Leading up to Thanksgiving. JAE started to "walk". She has been "walking" with the aid of her push toy for the last few weeks and can actually stand for a few seconds at a time. J and I are so proud of her. She wasn't even 7-months when she started this. I guess she is in a rush to catch up with her sister. 
To make things even more lovely, last week, at 7-months and 2 weeks, she started going up the stairs! This one really got me because she is not a baby anymore :-(. Every time I see her do these things, my heart rejoices but I am also sad at the same time because I feel like she is growing up really fast.

JOE and JAE love to play together!

In preparation for Thanksgiving, JOE made some "turkey cookies". They were DELICIOUS and I think she did a FABULOUS job!

This year, I have been so busy that I didn't really plan out what to make for Thanksgiving breakfast. However, the day before Thanksgiving, I stopped at the store and got some eggnog. J loves eggnog and immediately, I thought to myself, "I wonder what else I can make with eggnog."
I went on my trusted site (Pinterest) and found this recipe. I added 1-tablespoon of canned pumpkin puree and didn't have any rum extract at home so I used regular rum to make it. And it tasted DELICIOUS!!! Oh and I used Nigerian bread instead of challah bread cause that's what I had on hand at home. I will say that this recipe definitely needs a heavier bread.

We registered for and received a griddle when we got married. THIS was the first time I used it since we got married over 4-years ago. I couldn't even find it at first when I went looking for it :-). But it certainly came in handy. I even did the sausages on here and didn't have to use the gas range. Definitely a win-win. Only one item to wash after cooking.

Every year, our Church encourages people to make an extra dish for the homeless when making Thanksgiving dinner. I always make a dessert in hopes that something sweet to eat will bring something sweet into their lives. Plus everyone always makes food so I figured a dessert is a good alternative. 
This year, I made a chocolate pumpkin bread. It was simply DELICIOUS! I involved JOE in making it by making her peel the wrap off the Hershey's dark chocolate kisses that I used. She did a great job!

I have so much to be Thankful for this year. My family, good health, God's provision, our jobs. Just to mention a few. There is so much bad in the world and sometimes, it is hard to remember that there is also good going on around us. As I get older, I take time each day to remind myself of something I am thankful for. Even on my worse days, I am thankful because it takes being alive to have a bad day.

J and I are teaching our kids how to be Thankful and I was so happy that J took JOE with him for the second year in a row to deliver the dessert I made. I want JOE to realize that helping people never goes out of style and it is the humane thing to do. 

We have already started putting together items we will be donating this year as well as gifts in the Toys for Tots bins. We don't have a lot but I am a firm believer in being a giver from what God has blessed us with. 

Please take the time to remember those in need especially during the holiday season. Your gift in kind or cash gifts can make a world of difference in the lives of so many out there. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. Wow, go JAE, walking already. She is definitely catching up to her big sister.

    I love that you teach the kids to be thankful about everything in life. Great lessons that will take them places and make them appreciate what they have.

  2. What JAE is walking!!! She is growing too fast! I love that you're incorporating the true meaning of the holidays! I can't wait to do so when the kids are a little older!


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