Monday, November 23, 2015

DIY Monday: 3Ehairupdate

I wasn't sure if a hair update qualifies as DIY but then I thought about it and figured "well, I'm doing it myself" so technically, it is DIY.

I figured it is time for another hair update. This month, its a little later than normal. 

I haven't really done much with my hair. I have primarily been wearing a bun for the most part. I ventured out with some hair styles that I considered hits and some misses but for the most part, I kept it simple. 

I am still taking the manetabolism hair vitamins. They had another 30% off sale and I got a couple of bottles. They need to stop having those sales right when I'm about to finish my stash. Its a conspiracy I tell ya! :-). In anycase, I have 2 more bottles so unless I buy a new supply, if I finish my current stash, I would have been on it for 8-months. 
So far, I think the results speak for themselves. 

First, check out my hits vs. misses for the month. For the  misses, there are a couple I don't consider total misses. I just didn't like the way my hair "fell" those days.

Like I said earlier, I have been bunning it for the better part of 2 weeks. Check out my little photo bomber a.k.a the back seat driver :-).

And here is one of me and my babies. As you can see, their hair is thriving as well. JAE's hair is growing at the same pace as JOE's at the same age. 

I love taking my mommy daughter selfies with these cuties.

I'm not doing anything to JAE's hair yet as far as styling. I primarily just wash it then add the Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Black Oil leave in conditioner and extra virgin olive oil. I then comb it out. I also softly massage her scalp daily when I'm trying to get her to sleep.

Here is JAE's hair when pulled straight. She is definitely less fussy than JOE was at this age when it comes to getting her hair done.
On a side note, I LOVE her pout when she is sleeping. Too cute!!!

JOE's hair continues to grow and she continues to hate doing her hair. I've asked her if she'd like to cut it but she doesn't want to and likes to feel her hair touch her butt when the braids are taken out.
Until she decides she is ready to part with some of her locks, it'll be a weekly hair experience with JOE.

Now on to my hair. It is true what they say..."pictures are key". Seeing the pictures makes me realize how much progress my hair is making.

Hello! Check out my Albert Einstein hair style. I just took it out of a bun and was trying to detangle it. 

I recently decided to fully detangle my hair in sections and put my denman brush to use. Following that, I did a French braid and was pleasantly surprised of how full it looks. Woohoo for positive hair progress.

Well, it is Thanksgiving week and we have so much to be thankful for. I am very much looking forward to getting some time off and celebrating with family. 

If you're interested in seeing my hair progress on Instagram, check out the hashtag #3Ehairupdate

Have a fabulous week and be safe!

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  1. J, I am loving your hair, you make me want to go natural right now. You've made such amazing progress with your hair, keep up the good work.


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