Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Doc McStuffins goes to the White House...

In one of the Doc McStuffins episodes last month, Doc visited the White house and met first lady Michelle Obama.
One day, while watching the episode for perhaps the 10th or 15th or who knows how many times she had watched it, JOE turned to me and said "momma, I want to go to the White House." I mentioned this to J and he said "let me see what I can do."
My hubby of course took it on himself to get us on the list to tour the White House. This was just so cool and we mentioned it to JOE the day before we were scheduled to go. 
J and I both took the day off and we all headed to the White House. JOE even wore her Doc McStuffins outfit from her birthday. It was just so cute! She also kept singing the song from Doc about going to the White house in Washington, DC.

We took a family picture right before we went in. 

This is wicked cool. The walls in the hallway makes you realize that real people live here. The first time J and I visited the White House, people were not allowed to take pictures inside so it was very nice to be able to do so during this visit.

Me and my girls. Yeah, JAE wasn't too impressed. She was more concerned about the fact that we did not make arrangements for her to eat before the tour and since liquids were not allowed, she was NOT happy. 
Side Note: If visiting the White House and you have a baby in tow, be sure to feed the baby BEFORE you go in because they do not allow ANY food. Not even breastmilk.

The china cabinet. I wonder if they actually ever use this china.

Our future first female President? Only time will tell...eitherways, I wanted to make sure I got this just incase :-D.

JOE often tells the girls "one of you will be President one day." I say from your mouth to God's ears. Well, when we walked in this room, I quickly exclaimed "JOE look, this is where you'll be having your wedding reception!" She wasn't too impressed. 
However, she turned to her dad and said "dad, where is she?" J asked "where is who?" and she said "Michelle Obama! She's not here!" Poor kid actually thought she'd get to meet the First Lady. Oh well...perhaps someday.

I took this picture because J & I watch the show Scandal and it reminded me of a scene from the show :-).

Had to get a picture of this floral arrangement. It was really beautiful and smelt so good!

I find it interesting that one of the first pictures you see once you make it into the White House itself is that of Hillary Clinton and the last one you see before you leave is that of her husband. Not sure of what to make of that. I am sure there's some psychological reasoning here.

Our little family right after the tour. Excuse JAE. She was H.U.N.G.R.Y! :-).

And of course, the picture in front of the White house. 

I love living in the DMV area and being able to take quick trips to DC to visit the White House and learn more about our nation's history makes it really that much more special.  
Next stop, a visit to the Library of Congress. We also plan on doing more trips into the City as the girls get older so they can visit the different sites. 

For my US readers, have a fabulously fun, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This is just so cool. JOE looks like she enjoyed her White House tour. Can hubby get me in for a tour too ;).

  2. That's one of the coolest things for sure! How exciting for JOE to have that wish come true. Was she looking for Doc McStuffins? Way to go daddy for making this trip happen!


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