Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday

Hurrah for hump day! The week's almost over!!!

I have been wanting to make Nigerian meat-pies but couldn't find an easy enough recipe to use. I FINALLY found this recipe a couple of weeks ago so I made some. J loved them. JOE is not yet convinced :-).

Home girl LOVES her apples!!! She thinks she's a big girl! :-). Mommy however has to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't bite off a piece that's too big.

JOE's first ride on an escalator. She loved it so much, she was crying when I refused to let her go UP the DOWN escalator.

I love this picture. Check out JOE and J being photobombed by the guy to the right. He has such a cool swagger too!

Last weekend, we had a GIANT grocery list. We almost never have this much but I am hosting a brunch for me and some of my gal pals so I had to get a few things. Also had to get 2 bags of snow melt since they seem to be a hot commodity for weeks after a snow storm. 

I love this picture of J & JOE. J had a mild headache last night and JOE cuddled up to him to help him feel better. How cute is that? I love their father-daughter bond. I pray it continues to grow stronger as time goes on.


  1. That last picture melts my heart!

    Your meat pie look amazing! I want to take a bite.

    The picture of JOE eating the apple is so cute.

    I'm glad that you're sharing pictures on your blog. I enjoy them :)

    1. Thank you! She sure does love her apples and her daddy :-).

      Glad you're enjoying the pics :-). I'll try to take more. Sometimes, I forget to take my camera with me.

  2. your pie look amazing indeed. I love JOE's so sweet!

  3. Oh the meat I want to eat all of them!! Love pic of daddy and JOE!!!

  4. You must share the recipe for the meat pie! I had some made for my wedding 2 years ago and it was such a process trying to find a recipe for my caterers to use that didn't have everything in the metric system! My sister-in-law and I had to guess the measurements for all the ingredients until it tasted right. Lol.

  5. Opps- just noticed the link. Yay!

    1. No problem. I hope you're able to make some. Do share pics if you make some.

      Do you have a blog? It doesn't come up when I click on your name.

    2. I don't, at least not yet. I keep thinking, I'm too boring and my personality gets too bored with anything diary-like to actually start one. But who knows, maybe soon?! I just checked out Dunni's nigerian food blog and I'm so so so grateful you're link brought me there! Now my mother can truly be proud of me. Jk, lol!

    3. LOL...I hear ya! It is a personal choice so do it if/when you feel comfortable. I am sure there is nothing boring about you :-).
      Dunni's site is awesome! I also follow her on Instagram to get regular updates. She makes me salivate when I see her foods and her recipes make me want to try my hands at them :-).

  6. JOE and that apple just made me laugh so hard. I have to watch Jbird like a hawk too, he still chokes on stuff.

    I am so surprise JOE only has 4 teeth but like you said good thing she is actually getting teeth now and you don't have to go see someone about it.

    1. LOL. Our little ones do keep us vigilant don't they?

      Yeah...she has just the 4. I am glad they finally made an appearance though. J & I were started to get worried as she got closer to her first birthday. The funny thing too is that she LOVES to brush her teeth! And spends as much time brushing hers as we do brushing ours! Its just too cute :-).


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