Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birthday party fun

Last Saturday, we were invited to the birthday party for one of J's friend's daughter.

We had an awesome time! It was a rock star themed party and the little girl is just so cute!
JOE thoroughly enjoyed herself and was not shy at all. The family is really awesome and we were happy to be able to share their daughter's special day celebration with them.

The bacon wrapped shrimp and scallop were DELISH! I must have had 2 or 3 or 4 or perhaps 10. I stopped counting at 5 :-).

This was so cute. One of the little girls who attended wrote this on her board for the birthday girl. 

What's a Rock Star party without a guitar? JOE certainly enjoyed "playing" the guitar.

They had a real fish tank. AWESOME! The birthday girl's mom told us that every week, Emily and her dad had a stand-in daddy-daughter date and after each date, they stop by the pet store to get a fish for the tank. How cute is that?

The goodie bags. It was filled with cute fun things that JOE certainly enjoys playing with. Mommy and daddy helped themselves to the soft mints :-D.

And oh yeah...there's my handsome husband being corny cute. How sweet :-D. Love was certainly in the air last weekend.
I am thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather we are having in my area. I hope it continues but I hear they are possibly calling for more snow next week. Mother nature, make up your mind!


  1. I love bday parties for the kids these days. My kids have so much fun when we go that I obviously have fun too. J is so funny with his little princess :).

    PS - the weather is so ADD this year, what is up with that. I feel my baby took a cue from that and that's why he can't make up his mind :)

    1. I know right? I never used to go but with JOE, I attend them now. Wicked cool!

      LOL @ baby boy and the weather. Perhaps he wants things to settle down weather-wise before he makes his debut. Either ways, I am excitedly waiting for the news of his arrival :-).

  2. That cake is so cute! And I'm sure I would've eaten more than 10 bacon wrapped shrimp/scallops- I love those!!!

    1. It sure was. We had to leave early because we had dinner plans so we weren't able to taste it but I am sure it tasted fabulous!
      LOL! Glad I am not the only one who likes bacon wrapped shrimp/scallops :-).

  3. That is such a fun theme for a birthday party! And gorgeous cake. I'm with you, I have yet to make bacon wrapped shrimp or scallop because I cannot control myself. The last time I had them at a party I ate about 20!

    1. It definitely was a fun party. I am glad I am not the only one who loves bacon wrapped shrimp or scallop. They are sooooo goooood. I figured it is primarily seafood so it should cancel out the bacon calories :-).


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