Friday, February 7, 2014

Foolery: Things that make me go hmmm...

Finally, TGIF!!!

Saw this while driving this week. We were stopped at a red light. Oftentimes, I read people's bumper stickers and chuckle but I thought these were just rude. What message is the driver sending? That he or she is a jerk? In case you can't read them, one reads "blow me" and the other reads "Horn broken. Watch for finger."

Really? Didn't she read the fine print before applying for the job? I know we are in a different day and time where it is OK to get pregnant before marriage. I am NOT judging her for the path she has chosen (my assumption here is that it was a choice).
HOWEVER, when you sign on to work in an organization that frowns on it AND agree through your teaching contract that you will adhere by the rules, there is no need to try to fight it. Find another job that better suits your lifestyle. As a mom, I can sympathize with her situation but I also think if the job doesn't suit your needs, move on!!! This was certainly not the first case of this happening and it wouldn't be the last. People chose employees who represent their business. Likewise, employees should choose jobs that represent who they are.
This case really reminds me of the saying "next to football, going to court is America's favorite sport."

Then there is this Cheerios commercial with the little girl who is also featured again this year's Superbowl ad. I am glad Cheerios stuck to their guns of using the same interracial child. I didn't even notice the girl's race until I saw the commercial on TV during the Superbowl. Yes she looked interracial but the message of the commercial was what got me laughing and NOT her race. People need to move on. Kids are kids regardless of their race and this one certainly does NOT deserve the criticism. Everyone has a little bit of something different in them. Its what makes us all unique and beautiful. 

Have a safe and blessed weekend! Be kind to strangers. A smile might just be what changes a bad situation into a bright one. 


  1. I saw the commercial yesterday for the first time and I was SO proud of Cheerios for doing another one! It is such a great message of not backing down to the ignorance of others. I seriously smiled the whole way through!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. was definitely a very cute commercial. I am glad I am not the only one who likes it :-).

      Have an awesome weekend!

  2. I laughed at how cute and sharp this little girl was too! It saddens me that ppl don't realize this little actress is an actual person who doesn't need their negativity or ignorance tainting her big tv moment. Lol about court becoming America's fav sport. Sigh, I hope that lady doesn't use up all her money on legal fees and fail to properly prepare for her little one on the way!

    Woohoo- TGIF!

    1. She really is a cutie and it saddens me that people fail to see beyond color.

      I am with you. I pray the lady spends her money and energy on preparing for her new baby. I am sure she is caught between a rock and a hard place but I pray she makes the best decision for her soon to arrive baby.

  3. Yess! The Cheerios commercial was one of my very favorites from all the Super Bowl ads.

    1. It sure was. It is cute!

      Thanks for stopping by :-).


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