Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Summer travel 2016 - Road trip to NC

We have officially begun our summer travel. I love this time of year when we get to experience different places with the kids. Not that you can't travel during other seasons. It is just that summer travel really makes things much easier when you don't have to deal with packing for snow or cold weather. I love to pack light :-D.

Anyways, our first trip was this past Memorial Day weekend. We headed to NC to visit with my brother and his family. We had a GREAT time with them. It really helps that JOE and my niece are the same age so they got to play a lot together. It was very nice to watch them. And I also got to hang out with my nephews, niece, brother and sister in law. What more can a gal ask for? 
J got to golf with the guys most of the day on Saturday in HOT HOT HOT weather. He had a great time though in spite of it. 

On our way there. The weather was rather gloomy and it rained part of the way there which slowed us down a bit but not too too much. 

While JAE slept, JOE watched her DVD player. That DVD player has been an awesome investment! We often get current DVDs from the library and that's what she watches during the trip. Keeps her somewhat occupied and she enjoys it. WIN-WIN!

Taking selfies and making faces. 

On Saturday, while J golfed, the girls and my nephew all headed out to this Farmer's Market. It was my first time at one and it was really awesome! I got really excited being there since one of my favorite bloggers (Faith) often posts pictures of her visits to Farmer's markets.

I had a great time taking pictures and for the most part, everyone was really nice and let me take pictures. 

Everything looked so healthy!

And were quite reasonably priced. 

Check out JOE and her cousin. My niece is a total cutie! When she sees a camera, she strikes a pose and she is just so cute!!!

I just love that they got along so well for the most part.

Then we visited this place. They had bees in an enclosed area but a couple of them got out. The lady there told my niece and daughter that bees often don't sting if unprovoked because if they do, they die. Ummm...I stayed away regardless!

She was really sweet and indulged the girls who were just too fascinated and asked a ton of questions. 

After our visit, it was time to hit the pool! The kids THOROUGHLY enjoyed this pool. Check out JAE who was watching while the pool was being filled. 

Then it was time for food. 

More water had to be added to the pool because it got a little warm and some of the water was evaporating.

While they waited, JAE took it upon herself to talk to Sparky. The family dog. Sparky definitely indulged her. She was not scared of the dog and I liked that. 

On Sunday, JOE and her cousin wore matching skirts. What did I tell you? How CUTE is she??? VERY!!! Yes I am biased but this little girl is seriously a fashion enthusiast. She picked out the top to go with her skirt.

And was very indulgent of her aunty. She struck a pose for me.

Yup. America's Next Top Model!

After Church on Sunday, we went to IHOP. This IHOP was seriously very cool. Instead of signing in with your names for the wait list, they assigned movie character names! So our party was the "Salt and Pepper" party. While we were there, we heard a Minnie Mouse and other names as well. Very cool and such a unique idea. Think about many times have you been to a restaurant and they've called "John party of 4" and you're wondering if that is your party of 4 or someone else? I love this idea and it certainly made us all chuckle.

Me and my mini me taking selfies while we waited.

Our United Nations Family. People might notice that there is a variation of race at the table but all I see is LOVE. We all love each other very much!

Cousin love. Check out their matching AyoBE skirt. Want one for your little one? It is available up to size 7 US. You can email "" or visit our site to get a skirt and matching bow.

And to close out this post, check out JAE learning to golf! :-)

Have a fabulous day/abbreviated work week! It is unofficially SUMMER!!!


  1. What a cute post! And I laughed out loud when you mentioned me and the Farmer's markets. I'm obsessed and glad you enjoyed it! Their produce is always so fresh and the prices are not bad at all!

    Your niece is such a ham. She loves to pose and I just love it! She would be so much fun to take pictures of!

    Looks like such a great time!

    I agree with you. Travel during warmer weather is so much easier! Less clothes necessary and I like that :)

    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Bet y'all had fun.
    Congrats and have a fabulous rest of summer

  3. YAY for fun road trips with the family. Looks like a great time was had by all. So much sweetness and sassiness in this post :). I love it.


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