Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Bubbles, slither and dance

I am so glad it is finally getting warmer out. The girls have been having a great time playing outside and popping bubbles every opportunity they get.

I love getting pictures throughout the day of their various shenanigans. 

Last week, J sent me this picture of JAE watching TV in our bed. Clearly, she is very comfortable. 

JAE continues to grow and learn each day. She is learning to stack things. 

And learning about animals. Here she is "reading".

So last week, while we were out in our backyard, I went to lift our umbrella that's been laying on the ground due to the heavy winds. When I lifted it, something dropped. A SNAKE!!! I grapped my kids and RAN RAN RAN!!!

It slithered away before J could get there. We went in the house, gave the kids a bath and got ready for dinner. We got back downstairs and guess what JOE saw on the patio???

A snake!!! I said it was another one but J says it was the same one. Eitherways, I HATE HATE HATE snakes!!! If you asked me at that moment, I was ready to pack up and move to a high rise condo in the middle of the city. Yes, that's how serious it is! JOE said its a garden snake and is harmless. Ah huh...still SCARRRRREEEEDDDD. I no longer want to go out back!

I know you'll think it is a tiny snake but in my head, it is the same size as an Anaconda!

Girls playing around in their mask. 

Helpful sister JOE!

JOE's last day of ballet was last week Saturday. She did so great and thoroughly enjoyed the class. I thought for sure that she would want to take the next class. 
However, she has asked to take Karate! I have asked like a hundred times again just to be sure but she isn't wavering. So next stop, Karate! Gotta love a girl who can go from ballet slippers to karate kicks!

Before going out last week, JAE decided to try on J's glasses. Very stylish. She is definitely a girly girl. She loves shoes, bags and anything fashion related. She is always willing to model something for me and LOVES to twirl!

JOE is now into PJ Masks on Disney Jr. She has been asking and asking for the costume. So when I saw it on Amazon for $9.99 for the 3 main characters, I quickly purchased it. 
JOE picked out "Cat Boy" from her Treasure Chest after getting her hair done last week. Yes, I am not above bribing to encourage good behavior. Don't judge :-)...

She really loves it! She stood there and struck a pose for me. Actually, she struck several.

And of course, we all have different names now. JAE is Owelette, J is the villian Romeo. I can't remember who I am but I think its another villian. She didn't want me to be Gekko :-/

I just love love love how much JOE's imagination is growing. She is learning so much and each day, I am reminded of just how awesome it is to be their mom. They really bring J and I so much joy! 

I hope you're having a great week so far! If you aren't already doing so, follow me on Instagram to see some of the fun items you might want to add to your family's collection this summer :-). There's something for everyone! Here are just a few recently added items to my shop!



  1. My boys absolutely love PJ mask. I just love JOE's growing imagination and those pictures of the girls and J are so priceless. Gotta love a dad that can get down on the floor with the kids.

    JAE is becoming such a big girl, I love it.

    YAY for Karate, Tman is going for his orange belt on Saturday and I am so excited for him. I hope he passes the test.

  2. The way JAE has her legs crossed on your bed is just too cute! She really looks as though the bed is hers, haha.

    Girl, I would have been the same way about the snake, big or small, I hate them all alike!

    Your girls are growing so beautifully! Loving that JOE went from ballet to karate! And that JAE loves fashion!

  3. Great pictures.
    Glad J got rid of the snakes (just in case they are more than the one that dropped off your umbrella.


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