Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Sisters

A fellow blogger and real life friend once told me "the best gift you can give a child is the gift of a sibling." I couldn't agree with her more! I love the way both my girls interact with each other. They are definitely going to be the best of friends. They love to play together and JOE has been really good encouraging JAE to try things like potty training and talking. 

They often have lunch together now and sometimes, to encourage JOE to eat, I make it a competition. That often works because JOE doesn't like losing :-)

JAE on the other hand loves her meals! 

They love to read together with JOE often explaining to JAE what it is she is looking at. Surprisingly enough, JAE is starting to pick up on words. YAY!!!

I am so glad it is getting warmer out. Now the girls can enjoy the pool out back. 

JOE learning to swim and JAE gathering the toys. Team work! 

My lovely JOE.

And princess JAE. 

After pool activities. Building sand castles. A day at the "beach" for the girls!

And of course, they both enjoy going to the library together. The awesome thing is that JAE is picking up so much of what they do at the library so whenever a song comes up that they heard at the library, JAE often participates. 

Keeping up with her reading :-)

JOE making friends. 

And JAE doing some more reading. Look at that head of curls. LOVE every single one of those ringlets :-).

So there is a story behind that mark on my baby's face. But to avoid controversy since that's not what this blog is about, I won't be going into details about it. I will say though that if you have a child that needs extra attention, PLEASE keep an eye on them! Do not leave them unattended playing with other kids! I know as humans we all want to be selfish but please be considerate of other people's kids as well!!!
Thankfully, JOE is OK. Deeeeeeppppp breaths!!! I'm still trying to get over it.

Kids are often watching what we do! Check out JAE "working" on my sewing machine. I love this!

I recently introduced the jewelry line for AyoBE Boutique. They are really beautiful and both girls LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are great for birthday celebration, attending church, baby's photo ops and a whole lot more. Go check out the options today and snag one for your little one. 

Last weekend, we did our annual yard sprucing. It took A WHILE to get it done in light of the fact that both girls were on hand to "help". JOE "helped" me plant something in our rose bed and she was excited to get a picture with it. My smiling baby who is growing up so fast!

We've had a busy week BUT are so excited for a fun upcoming weekend with family and also first visit to the zoo. YAY!!! 

What are your plans for the July 4th holiday weekend?


  1. I love how they are growing so beautifully together. Your girls have the best smiles. They look so happy and I love that! I'm so sorry about the mark on JOE's face, that makes me sad. Glad she's OK.

    I love what you've been making. I think that headband will look so cute on my niece. I have to let my sister check out your site.

    I have my in-laws and my little sister coming this weekend and I'm so excited! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you! I was afraid it was going to scar so I am glad it hasn't and she is healing nicely.

      Thanks so much for the referral. I know your niece would look AWESOME in our items :-D.

      Looking forward to reading the post on your weekend. I LOVE the picture you posted with your sister. You guys have such beautiful smiles! And look a lot alike! Hope you had an awesome 4th.

  2. I love this post so much, JAE has grown so much and is doing so much more with JOE and JOE seems to be enjoying her role as a big sister. This is such a great transition for your girls.

    So sorry about the mark on JOE's face, I can only imagine how you felt when it happened. Luckily some neosporin should do the trick and get her face back to normal in no time. I am loving her modeling skills by the way, she is so adorable J.

    I can't wait for my daughter to get here and get our daughters together for some play time :). Ok, it might be a year away but still super exciting :).

    1. JAE sure has and I am totally looking forward to our girls playing together! It'll be so much fun. For the parents as well :-D.

      Yup...used neosporin on her face and it is almost all gone now. I was so upset when I saw it and when I was treating it cause she was screaming :-(.

      Looking forward to meeting little Miss soon! What's her online name going to be?


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