Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Father's day 2016

Last week, on their way back from MA, my brother and his family stopped by. JOE and my niece are a few months apart age-wise and they get along so well. They LOVE to play together as well as fight together. I mean, what fun is it if you don't have someone to argue with from time to time right?
Anyways, watching them play really is so nice. Before my brother and his family arrived, JOE must have asked a solid 50-times if they were here yet. And would run to the windows to check. They ended up arriving after JOE had gone to bed. But the next morning, JOE and her cousin C definitely made up for it.  

JAE on the other hand loves to play with their family dog Sparky. Sparky is a high energy dog BUT is always gentle with JAE. I think that's why she loves to be around him. Just too precious.

I had to leave for work early the next day so I didn't get to see them before they left. However, I was so happy to come home to this. YUM!!! J and I are saving the bottle for a special occasion :-D.

I mentioned JOE getting the Cat Boy costume a few weeks ago. Well, the following weekend, for doing her hair without crying, she got to pick out the Owelette costume from her "treasure chest". The heart warming thing is that she picked it out specifically for her sister. 

Check out JAE being Owelette!

Having a fun time being super heroes!

Okay. This picture right here! Look at JOE cheesing it up for the camera and check out the look on JAE's face. Priceless! The funny thing is that Cat boy is the leader of the pack and oftentimes, he isn't being a team player. Perhaps that's the reason behind the look? Eitherways, I am glad I captured this moment. Was too cute not to share.

Owelette saving the day!

I have been planning on working on my summer line for AyoBe Boutique for the last few weeks. I just haven't really gotten down to it. However, in the last few days, I have gotten a chance to sew one prototype for JAE. I was unsure of if I should sell it on my site but J and 2 of my sisters encouraged me to. I am glad I did because it is selling. WOOHOO!!!

If you are interested in getting the Everest Summer Set for the little girl in your life, go check out the site to get one. I don't have many left. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the site for some really cute items for your little one. I accept all major credit cards and PayPal! :-)

Check out JAE in her outfit. She is always willing to model my items for me and she loves to twirl!

On Sunday was Father's day. J definitely made out VERY well. The girls (with the help of their child care provider) did some handmade items for J. He was very happy to receive them.

Hand painted by JOE! I have a potential Picasso on my hands! OK...Exaggerating of course but still. My baby did a great job with the D! 

And then check out this trophy they made. J is one lucky guy and the girls are so lucky to have him as their dad!

On Sunday morning while everyone slept, JAE started to stir so I brought her into our bed. Well, she decided she wanted to take selfies. This girl LOVES the camera!

All ready for Church. Outfit was given to her by her grammy!

Since I always do something for J for Father's day from the girls, I thought this was absolutely THE CUTEST idea. Simple and fun. I found a picture somewhere in the last few weeks that gave me this idea. This one didn't come from Pinterest (it might be on there though) but rather was from somewhere on Facebook. 
Anyways, I got one of the unused jars I had leftover from JAE's birthday party pack and filled it up with mixed nuts and attached a Microsoft Word printed label on there. Total time, 10-minutes. SCORE!!!

In addition, J got a gift card from me that he'll be using towards his new PS 4 and then JOE helped me make breakfast for him. She did the toast and "buttered" it. Since most of the butter was making its way into her mouth, I had to finish the job. 

Overall, we had a great weekend. It has been a fun week so far! I started out the week feeling a little down about some recent events but my sweet J was able to talk some sense into me and help me see/count my many blessings. I love that he always has the right words to say to help me put things in perspective. 

Anyways, have a WONDERFULLY blessed week!


  1. Loving the super hero costume. PJ Mask is a favorite in our house too.

    JOE and her cousin C look like 2 peas in a pod. Nice that they get to hang out. JAE makes the cutest faces :).

    You guys really spoiled J for Father's Day, that is so awesome.

    1. Thank you! He had a great time for Father's day.

      JOE has asked for a PJ Mask themed birthday so wish me luck trying to put something together. In the meantime, I've been pinning things on Pinterest to give me ideas.

  2. The costumes are the absolute cutest! I love that JOE picked it out for JAE. You can tell how much JAE loves it. I also love that although she is so little you can already tell what a great personality she has! Your girls are such cuties. Oh and let me not forget to mention how adorable she looks in the outfit you made!

    Glad that J had a great Father's Day!

    It is nice when they can get us to put things in perspective. I appreciate that these days more now than ever.

    1. They are! And being able to score a good deal on it was the best!

      They really do love each other and have a great time fighting and making up :-D.

      Hope Sean had a great Father's day as well. I'm sure you and your fur-babies spoiled him :-)


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