Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: They saw a mouse!

One of the advantages of having JOE & JAE at home is that they get to spend a ton of time together building their relationships while learning and having lots of adventures. I believe that people should learn not just while in class but also from their environment. Having them at home has definitely been a way to do this. 

JOE and JAE love spending time with each other. While occassionally they "fight" about things, I love how their eyes light up when they see each other after being apart. JOE will often ask "where is my baby?" and JAE often says "dan dan dan". They are the cutest pair.

Last week, they were home for the most part due to the blizzard we got in the area. J was home for a few days and I got to telework most of the week. It was nice to not have to commute into work because it gave me extra time with them. Part of being home also meant teaching JOE her numbers, learning how to use the abacus to count as well as learning 3-letter words. It was a little challenging but incentives in the form of cookies definitely make the process go much smoother :-D.  

This week, they were finally able to get out and enjoy the "warmer" weather. So they headed out to the mall. Yes, I dressed them similarly. I know I is my way of justifying not dressing them the same :-D. I do think they look very cute though.

JAE is now at an age where she can chase JOE around and play with her. I love that they are doing more playing together. 

JAE is also more interactive and can do some things on her own. She loves to exert her independence whenever she can. I love her strong determined nature.

This week, they went to Chuck E. Cheese to see the mouse himself! As you can see, my fearless JAE got to "ride" a car.

While JOE got to play wackamole.

They both also enjoyed playing together.

After all was said and done, the girls got to enjoy some pizza and milk. Yum!

When their child care provider sent me this picture, I thought "hmmm...where was this? And I don't think I have this shirt!"
Then I took a closer look and realized this is NOT me!!! Apparently, this lady looked so much like me that my normally "stranger shy" JAE went to the lady! Yeah...I have a doppleganger out there!

And of course, here is JAE hanging out with the mouse himself!

She was not even afraid of him.

Fearless JAE again clapping for them. The performance must have been very good :-).

In other news, this is something else I enjoy doing on Sundays. When we go to church, I try to make sure we all wear complimenting colors :-D. JOE (her sweater is on the stairs behind us) and JAE had a similar (color-wise) outfit on. J also had a burnt orange sweater on as well. 
J never gets why I do this. I told him it is to ensure that when folks see us, they know we are a unit. I know...special...but I like it :-D.

I love this little girl! Her laughter is infectious!

And of course, a mommy/daughter selfie with my little ones. They are just so awesome and I am so thankful to God for making me their mom!

I hope you're having a pretty good week. I am hoping to get back into doing and posting more DIY stuff soon. I am waiting to be done pumping since that takes up a lot of my time. JAE is almost 10-months! I plan on pumping until she turns 1. I might go beyond but I'll only be doing it once a day for as long as I continue to produce enough for her. 
I can say though that I see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as "hanging up my horns"! Woohoo!


  1. Oh my goodness! I thought that was you too! That is a real doppelganger right there lol! Lovely x

  2. Interesting. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. She definitely looks like you. It looks like JAE wasn't 100% fooled though :)

  4. I try to color coordinate my family too, but it never works, lol!

    Congrats on reaching your almost 10 month pumping anniversary. That 1 year mark will be here before you know it!

  5. YAY, Chuck E Cheese is awesome. My kids love to visit the mouse.

    I am loving the matching color scheme, yeah, you have to look related :).


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