Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Celebrating love - 2016 Valentine's Day

This year, Valentine's day coincided with the President's day holiday weekend so we were able to enjoy some much needed family time together. To make it even more fun, it snowed on President's day so we were indoors for most of the weekend. 

On Saturday morning, I decided to make these banana stuffed pancakes. I used to have them as a kid growing up and they were just as delicious as I remember. J loved them but the jury is still out for JOE and JAE. They weren't too keen. What do they know anyways? LOL...I will try to post a recipe for this soon. 

J surprised me by having his mom watch the kids while we took a late lunch on Saturday. We didn't want to have to deal with the crowds on Sunday. 
We went to a Hibachi grill place and thoroughly enjoyed the meal. 

 I told J to make a fierce face. This is what I got...

Try #2 and I think we nailed it! We're fierce like that :-D.

On Sunday, we headed to church. There is our backseat driver who is always giving instructions to J. "The light is green dadda. GO!!!" Never mind the fact that there could be other cars ahead of us. She just loves to be bossy. 

We made Valentine's day cards to send to family and friends. JOE made this one for me. Too precious! 

After Church on Sunday, I asked J to take off JAE's dress and put her in something comfortable that she can play in. My husband decided that he wanted my baby to be a flower child for a day. Nothing wrong with the pants. I just think the colors/patterns CLASH!
I think JAE agrees with me.

Every year, J gets something for his girls on Valentine's day. This year, he got JOE a dog and JAE a teddy bear. JOE was so excited and was playing with hers. JAE couldn't understand why. Check out the look on her face. Kinda like a "are you serious? Its not even real" look.

JAE likes her teddy though. 

Of course, the lady of the house got lots of gifts from everyone. 

Love this card from J. I love me some him. But that how my hair looks? :-) Ummm...and the couple isn't interracial! Hallmark, take need more cards reflective of your diverse consumers. 

This one is from JAE. So precious.

And one from JOE. Absolutely beautiful. 

The red velvet roses are absolutely beautiful. My hubby knows how to make me smile :-). Thanks babe!

I hope you enjoyed Valentine's day with your loved ones. Do share with me how you spent your special day. 


  1. Awe, happy valentines day. I love that everything you do is focused on family.


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