Tuesday, February 23, 2016

3EHairupdate: So I lied...

Yes, I lied...well kinda. So, late in 2015, I straightened my hair. I blogged about how lucky I was that I had no heat damage afterwards considering the fact that I did not use a heat protectant before going to the hair salon. 

Well, since that post, I have come to realize that I did indeed have heat damage :-(. Let me be clear and say that at the time when that blog post was written, I hadn't noticed the damage. Likely because for the most part, everything looked like it used to. 
But over the course of the last few weeks, I have come to realize that things are not all they seem to be. 

I have tried doing several treatments including a clay wash, deep conditioning on a weekly basis and using Apple Cider Vinegar to rinse. Most of my hair reverted back to its curly state BUT I have been finding some strands that just aren't what they used to be. 

I've done a lot to hide it and over time, I've been using the search and destroy method to trim my hair when I find a cluster of the straightened ends. 

In addition to that, I have also experienced more shedding that usual. I'm not sure of what has brought on the extra shedding. I do know that work sometimes has be a little more stressed out that usual but nothing that isn't manageable. In hopes of combating this, I have been skipping my use of a shower cap when I take a shower to try to get more moisture in my hair since for me, moisture helps it stay soft and reduced breakage. 
I typically only finger comb and detangle my hair. However, in an effort to stop the shedding, I decided to do a thorough combing of my hair to get rid of shed strands that might be wrapping themselves around other strands thereby causing breakage. After the detangling session, I felt like I was going bald!

Here's an example of the damage I have been finding around my head in random places. 


I am trying to avoid wearing buns because I want my edges to grow back in following postpartum shedding. However, after my last wash day, I definitely needed it.

For the most part, I have been wearing my hair out by pinning it in areas and then putting it in a very loose bun at night before wrapping it in a scarf for bed.

I know...you can't tell but really, I do have heat damage. 

Also started trying out twist outs. I haven't perfected it yet but so far so good.


So for the most part, I am trying to make the best of things. I don't plan on cutting my hair so I'll just work with what I've got and see it as a lesson to use a heat protectant at the end of the year when I straighten it again.

On to the girls. JOE's hair continues to thrive. Every now and then, I ask her if she wants to cut it and she always says "NO!" I will leave it up to her to decide but for now, we're trudging along. She is also doing so much better now with her hair. We prepare her a day in advance letting her know that her hair will be getting washed BUT she will also get to pick out a reward from her treasure chest. Sometimes, we let her pick it out beforehand but she isn't allowed to play with it and other times, we let her pick it out after. Overall, this method seems to be working great.

JAE's hair is also thriving. It can now fit in its own pony tail. I try to leave some out though so that I am not doing any damages to her edges. Doing her hair varies. Sometimes, she is good about it and other times, she isn't and J has to hold her. Wonderful...the fun stuff to look forward to in the future! LOL...No complaints though. I wouldn't have it any other way.

And as for my current length, this is what I am working with. I am now full armpit length (APL). Woohoo!!! My goal is to make it to bra strap length (BSL) by the end of the year. 
For those wondering, I am still taking the manetabolism vitamins. I still haven't finished my supply purchased last year.

And to wrap up this post, here are a couple of pictures of me and my girls. We decided to all wear something in our hair last Sunday. Yup...we like to stay coordinated. JOE and I had a flower on our hair and JAE had a matching clip in hers :-). Love them!!!

So how are you doing with your hair journey? Do you have any goals you are trying to achieve? If so, do share.

You can also find my hair updates on Instagram using the hashtag #3EHairupdate.


  1. Boooo on the heat damage and setback. Nothing worst than working so hard to achieve healthy hair and boom get hit in the face with a setback. You will surely recover.

    Please don't cut JOE's hair even if she says 'yes' :). I am loving the curls and length tho it's a lot of work to maintain. Look at JAE's hair growing like a weed. I always love reading about your hair updates and I am so excited to join you in the hair update when we welcome our little girl this Summer :)

    1. Yeah. Had another but so great detangling session today. I think I'm still experiencing postpartum shedding 😢😢.
      I am looking forward to meeting your little girl and following her hair journey as well. 😆 I'll be happy to share what's worked for the girls.

    2. Yeah. Had another but so great detangling session today. I think I'm still experiencing postpartum shedding 😢😢.
      I am looking forward to meeting your little girl and following her hair journey as well. 😆 I'll be happy to share what's worked for the girls.


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