Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Time with family

Last week, I blogged about the Ugly Sweater Christmas party J and I attended 2-weekends ago. Last weekend, I attended a Pretty Sweater Christmas party. We also had an early birthday brunch party to attend so I didn't have much time to "pretty up" my sweater. 

So instead, I just removed the "stuff" from the weekend before and wore a pair of light colored pants then headed out while J watched the kids. It was an informal party but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The host had several games which had us all laughing really hard. By the way, if anyone knows a Christmas word that starts with the letter Z, I'd love to know :-D.

Anyways, this is what I wore to both events. I was scared that with kids, my pants would get stained. Truth be told. I try to wear dark colored clothes or clothes that can hide a stain when going out with the kids. 

No apologies for the mirror. It is almost always like this. What can I say? I have kids that love to look at themselves in the mirror.

Loving my side swoop. I love the way it frames my face. I think this will be my go to style for the time being. Speaking of, I know I need to do a hair update post. I will try to do that more consistently in the new year.

Last Friday night, J's parents and brother came over for an early Christmas celebration. They came bearing gifts and it was very generous of them. JOE thoroughly loves her gift (a doll house) and has been role playing ever since.
She asked if it was Christmas yet. I told her no and that Santa dropped off her gifts early since he knows she's been a good girl. And that he'll give the rest to her on Christmas day.

On Sunday, we had a great time at Church. I often don't wear makeup because I really don't have the time for it but J encouraged me to add some color that morning and I must say that I love the way it turned out. So much so that I have to take a selfie of course :-D.

On Sunday evening, we had our family Christmas dinner. We like to do one with just us since we often share Thanksgiving and all other holidays (except for Christmas) with J's family and spend Christmas with my family. 
I cook a nice dinner and then we open our gifts. 

This year, I made an oven roasted bacon wrapper chicken, a mandarin orange cranberry walnut salad and potato latkes. 
It all turned out so yummy and while I spent 4-hours (yes, 4-hours) in the kitchen on my feet because I was also making holiday treats for my extended family Christmas, it was definitely worth it to see how happy everyone was to be enjoying Christmas as a family.

Delicious biscoff brownies. YUM!

This salad was DELICIOUS! I'm not usually a salad person so that says a lot. I'll be happy to share the recipe if interested.

After dinner, we opened presents. J spent time last week building this fire station and seeing the smile on JOE's face when she saw what Santa brought her? PRICELESS! She was so happy! J has been "saving the day" with Fireman Sam since Sunday. It came complete with a helicopter and a fire truck that actually has the sirens. AWESOME! I love that JOE loves both doll houses and firehouses. Role playing is her new thing and she has no problem "rescuing" the stranded princess from the top floor of her doll house with her fire truck. Cool huh?

JAE loved her presents too but very much enjoyed playing with JOE's as well. I love that they enjoy playing with each other...most of the time...sometimes...who am I kidding? J and I often spend time playing referee. I suspect this is just the beginning. I grew up with 3 other sisters so I know how that goes.

JAE was excited about her present too. Its a crocodile that spites out balls. Very entertaining for her. It is somewhat hard to get JAE something because JOE got a ton of age appropriate toys so JAE has a ton of toys from her already.

J got me some pretty awesome gifts but I have to say the one that got me laughing was this one. If you don't know, I grew up in New England and while I am not a die hard fan of the New England Patriots, I love to follow my team online and watch them win on TV when I have time. **Please no hater comments. They are a winning team!!!**
Anyways, this is a plush toy of our QB Tom Brady. I put this up in my office at work and it makes me smile every time I look at it. My husband definitely has a sense of humor.

I am very much looking forward to spending time with my family for Christmas and the girls spending time with their cousins. I love the magic of Christmas and as an adult, seeing the face of our daughters and how happy they are about all the festivities just brings back a lot of good childhood memories. 

Have a fabulous Christmas. Be save and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Remember, Christmas is about the birth of Christ so be sure to do something selfless for someone else and always be kind to strangers!


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  2. Loved reading this post. I can feel the excitement and joy from you just by reading it!

    And that meal looks amazing! Love that you go all out like that! :)

    I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Really exceptional blog this time around.
    Thanks for sharing -JB

  4. Really exceptional blog this time around.
    Thanks for sharing -JB

  5. I love how you do the celebration with J's family then go do the celebration with your family. That is one way of keeping everyone happy :).

    You and your Patriots, at least J can gloat with you this year because the Redskins are doing amazing too :)


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