Monday, December 14, 2015

DIY Monday: Ugly sweater Christmas party

J and I were invited to an ugly sweater party/baby shower for a college friend who is expecting.

I didn't want something that everyone has and the ones I found at Wal-Mart were going for between $22 & $30. No way I was going to pay that amount for it so I decided on an easy DIY one.

I stopped by our local Goodwill store and scored 2 sweaters for $13. Next, I stopped by the dollar store and got some supplies that I knew I could work with.

Then I came home and did a mock up and just stitched the items strategically to the sweater to ensure that the sweaters would be usable again later.

It took me less than 30-minutes to complete both sweaters.

And then it was time to head out. My mother in law took the only picture of me in my outfit. I forgot to get one of just me at the party. I should mention that I had to forgo a lot of the stuff I planned for mine because I knew I'd be holding JAE and didn't want to have her putting it in her mouth.
Me and my girls. Love them so much!

My mother in law also captured this picture of J in his sweater! I think he looks quite dashing in his :-). I told him next year, I'll get some LED lights for his sweater. Did I mention that his tie had a button you can push to hear a Christmas song? WICKED! And yes, check out JAE wanting to get picked up by her dad.

At the party. It was so warm out that we had to take off JAE's pants. It is the middle of December and we're enjoying 60 degree weather. Talk about unusual! Oh and ignore JAE's look. She wanted me to hold her and I wanted to get a picture so clearly, she wasn't going to smile for me. That's my strong willed child.

We had a fabulous time at the party and we are so happy for the soon to be parents. They are going to make awesome parents and we look forward to celebrating with them as they welcome TWIN girls!!!

Check out their announcement video here. How CUTE are they? They're going to make awesome parents. 

I was also invited to a ladies brunch Pretty Sweater party next week and plan on wearing my sweater again. Only this time, I'll be embellishing it with a brooch. Stay tuned...

Have a fabulously blessed week!

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  1. That was one cute announcement and I love that another box came out of the big box and they are having twins....They look like such a fun couple.

    Check you out miss DIY. $20 for a shirt, that is just ridiculous, I only paid $10 for mine. You did an awesome job with the DIY shirts though.


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