Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: JAE meets Santa

It's almost Christmas! Every year since JOE's arrival, we've taken JOE to get a picture with Santa. The first year, JOE was about 6-weeks so she didn't really care much. The second year, she was more aware and I had to hold her. The third year, we were all in the frame. 
However, this year, JOE took one by herself! She went prepared with a mental list of EVERYTHING she wants and the minute she saw him, she got really excited. We had to wait in line for almost an hour but watching my daughter give her list to Santa totally made it worth it.



The plan was to have both JOE and JAE take a picture with Santa but as you can see from the next picture, that didn't go so well. Check out JOE smiling and JAE crying.

JAE wanted nothing to do with Santa. She was ready to bolt almost immediately.

Santa was very gracious and gave JOE information on how to be a good girl so as to get presents for Christmas.

Overall, I count it as a successful visit with Santa and even JAE didn't cooperate, I can certainly understand why. It is just the phase she is going through. It'll pass. I'll be curious to see how she does next year when she is somewhat older.

Before Church on Sunday, while I was pumping, J had JAE and they were playing together. At one point, J picked up JAE and I just had to get a picture of this moment. How cute is this? Often, JAE is trying to come to me but she was loving the time with her dad so I had to snap a picture of this moment.

These are some selfies I took with JOE and JAE over the weekend. I love doing these mommy-daughter selfies.
Here is one of JOE and I. 

And one of JAE and I. 

And one of me and my girls.

Oftentimes, I never know how J and I are able to pack so much into our week/weekends but I am so happy we get to do a lot as a family because we are creating memories that'll last a lifetime. The girls might not remember all of it BUT they will always know that they are loved and that we are family!

Happy Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. This is so cool. I want to do a breakfast with Santa with the boys next year, I think they will all be at an age where they might be really interested in Santa and I hope they enjoy it.

    That pic of JAE and her daddy is so adorable. Keep taking those selfies, they are just too cute and the girls personalities are definitely shining through


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