Monday, December 28, 2015

DIY Monday: Chronicles of a pumping mom - my treasure chest

I know I know...this is an unusual DIY Monday. Because it isn't like you can go out and make it if you're not feeding a baby. However, when thinking about this post, I convinced myself that it should be filed as a DIY project because I am doing it myself afterall :-).

And so, my pumping chronicles continues. JAE is almost 9-months and so far, I have a good freezer stash. At least enough to last JAE for a month. This has been a trying but rewarding journey and I honestly couldn't have done it without the support of my awesome husband. Granted, he loves that we are saving money by not having to buy formula BUT he has been extremely supportive when it comes to pumping and that has really encouraged me to continue

Throughout this journey, he has taken the kids when I had to pump, entertained and cared for them so I could be relaxed. He also keeps track of my pumping schedule and even schedules his activities around them to ensure that I have the support I need. Yup...he's a key-pah as they say in Boston.

Anyways, here is my treasure chest. Some of this milk is from June so I have started the process of cycling through them by storing what I pump now and feeding JAE the freezer stash. 

While taking care of the milk, here's J helping, JOE driving and JAE saying "get me outta here momma!"

I often pump a couple of times at work by using my lunch break. While pumping at work, I listen to an audio book. But sometimes, I forget my headphones. And on some of those occasions or simply when bored, I take selfies! :-D

And of course, I remind myself of why I do this.

She really is the sweetest baby. Seeing how well she is doing, how much she is thriving, how quickly she is able to recover when sick makes me know that the sacrifice is worth it. She is very determined and strong willed. She loves to play with her sister and her smile always melts my heart. 
Pumping has certainly been a sacrifice made by the entire family. J plans his schedule around my pump times. JOE waits at night to cuddle with me because I have to first pump or because J is holding JAE and can't play with her. HOWEVER, in it all, I know that we all just love JAE and are so thankful to have her as a member of our family. 


  1. Awe bless well done mummy! Pumping is hard work and doing it exclusively for this long is amazing! Have a lovely new year! X

    1. It sure is but I am glad to finally be getting towards the end of my pumping days for this baby. It was a long journey but hubby really has been so awesome providing support for me.

      I hope your new year is going great as well. Happy Birthday to your boy!

  2. OMG J, I am amazed that you exclusively pumped for 9 months, you are such a trooper. Awesome job and amazing dedication. Yes to saving money and feeding our babies that breast milk. Go mama.

    I am loving all your pumping selfie :), your makeup and hair are on point. My favorite are the one in the red outfit :). You were feeling sassy ;)

    1. Girl, now at 10.5 months and still trudging along. It has really gone by so fast and hubby's support made it all possible.

      Thanks for the compliment. Will do a new chronicles update soon.


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