Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend festivities and a partial DIY

It was a busy weekend. But one filled with lots of laughs and celebrations. 

On Saturday, I attended a friend's baby shower. The mom to be's friends did an awesome job with the shower. It was well planned and definitely well put together. Here are just some highlights from the shower. The theme colors were chevron yellow and gray. The same as the baby's nursery. No doubt the nursery will look awesome. The couple have also decided to not find out the baby's gender so we are all eagerly waiting to see if they'll be having a boy or girl :-).

It was a brunch shower. I LOVE brunch!

They had made to order waffles AND omelets! YUM!!!

The centerpieces were made with pictures of the mom to be during various stages of her pregnancy. How awesome!

While I was at the shower, J took JOE to go scout the location for her 2nd birthday party and also to a birthday party for our neighbor's twin boys. 
JOE had a great time at the party.

The rest of the weekend was spent making DIY items for my sister's bridal shower coming up this week. YAY!!! Can't wait to celebrate with her. These are just some of the items that'll be going into the favor bags. 
More details on each will be posted next week.

Have an awesomely blessed week!


  1. That waffle, yum! That surprises me, another shower where the couple did not find out the sex! Maybe they are becoming more and more common!

    1. The waffles were really good. So much so that we went out and bought a waffle maker and I made some last weekend :-D.

      I don't think I could do it. I want to know the minute it is possible :-D. But I know everyone is different. The arrival of a baby already come with so many other surprises.

  2. I love brunch, too and those centerpieces were really nice. I can't wait to find out more about the bridal shower. I love what you're doing so far... :)

    1. Me too! Love brunch!

      Hope you caught the bridal shower post. Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Love the center piece super cute!!

  4. yellow and grey is as nice colour combo, not one I've thought of before actually. it really is appropriate for a baby of either gender. I LOVE baby showers, I want one of my friends to have a baby so I can plan one for them... but most are still at the engaged/married stage!

    I agree the center pieces are really pretty.

    1. I agree. It all did turn out great though. LOL on wanting your friends to have babies so you can plan one. It'll happen. :-).


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