Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Photo" Dump Wednesday: Video dump...

Happy Hump Day! Its my last day in the office this week until next Wednesday. Woohoo!!!

Instead of posting a variety of pictures this week, I decided to post some videos of my little munchkin who is growing up so fast.

Coming down the stairs. I told her I'd be right back but apparently, I wasn't moving fast enough, incase you are wondering what she was saying, its "we're coming back!" Not sure if she was being sarcastic :-D.

And here she is going up the stairs. I am amazed that at 21 months, she is fearless about going up and down the stairs.

And JOE's new favorite song...Happy Birthday. Apparently, we've attended a lot of birthday parties so she picked up the song. Yes, notice she has her own "platform"...a.k.a my Wii fit step board. Good thing someone's making use of it. :-). I haven't had a chance to capture the one where she actually sings with her toy microphone on the Wii board. Priceless!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I'll be back next week to post about our very fun/big weekend plans :-D.


  1. Woohoo for long weekends! I love that at this age they are super fearless..we can learn so much from them!! She is too cute!

    1. We sure can learn a lot from them. To be young and carefree :-). Thank you!

  2. Aawww... so adorable. I loved Joe singing happy birthday the best. Enjoy your time off... :)

    1. Thank you! She really loves to sing and now she's added clapping. Just need to teach her how to read beats. :-)

  3. This is so cute, she is so adorable and so grown now. I can't even believe that her birthday is around the corner.

    1. Thank you! It sure is. In a few weeks! Be on the lookout for the invites. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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