Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photo dump Wednesday: Family time

Yay! We're half way there!!! Its been a pretty LONG week already and I am glad its finally the middle of the week. 2-more days to the weekend! I can get a much needed manicure/pedicure in preparation for the festivities next week. More on that in a later post.

For now, here are  just some of the things we've been up to.

On Monday, after I got JOE, she immediately ran to her room and got the barrettes you see in her hair. She insisted that I put them on her and then she proceeded to get in our bed and cover herself with the "banket". She also REFUSED to take the barrette off so I waited until she fell asleep :-D.

Right after I put them on her. Here she is cheesing it for the camera :-D.

On Tuesday, she picked out 2-different barrettes for her hair. I wonder if we'll have a repeat again tonight. Coincidentally, the colors she pics matches what she's wearing. My fashionista in the making.

My evenings used to be spent catching up on my shows. Now, they are spent watching Sheriff Callie and these singing chipmunks! Thanks Disney :-/.

Coincidentally, her shoes for my sister's wedding also arrived. She is one of the flower girls. These shoes were sooooo comfortable, she didn't want to take them off! They were faux fur lined so I can understand why she wanted to keep them on :-).

Last Sunday, I wanted to get a family selfie. I LOVE the way JOE looks at her dad so adoringly. It melts my heart.

And one with everyone looking straight ahead :-D.

So last Friday after work, I decided we should go to a pond not too far from us to feed the ducks. I figured JOE would enjoy it. She did...

Until she decided SHE wanted the bread and didn't want to feed the ducks anymore.

She would ask for more and would stuff it in her mouth quickly. I guess she didn't want me to take it away from her. Incase you're wondering, she was NOT hungry. 

Last week, while giving myself an at home pedicure, JOE decided to get her nails done as well. But not all her nails. Nope...just the big toes. And she also wanted flower decals put on there since I was getting decals on mine as well. She was actually good about letting them dry and then she couldn't wait to show her dadda.

I took this picture of JOE's bathroom cause it made me smile. I used to have those mirrors in my bathroom in the condo. I wasn't sure of how to use them in our new home. Thankfully, they add a somewhat whimsical theme to JOE's bathroom. I am yet to paint the walls there but I am torn between yellow and pale green. Any thoughts? I don't want it too girly since she'll be sharing the bathroom with her future siblings and guests.

And to solidify just how blessed I am feeling this week, my sister in law posted this picture of my niece and nephew. They are just so cute, I had to share! My niece loves walking with her brother. How adorbs is this picture? I say VERY! But of course, I am partial :-D.

Enjoy the rest of your work week!


  1. AWWW! These made my heart melt! She's growing so fast!

  2. Look at her! Girly, girl! Love it! Too cute that she wanted her toe polished and showed it to dada :)

    And I agree, that picture your SIL sent you is adorable!

    As for the bathroom I'm thinking a pale yellow would look good!

    1. She sure is a girly girl. I am surprised since I am not really. But its good. I love seeing her do this stuff.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I agree with you. I'll use a pale yellow and add some green (perhaps a border?) to add a pop of color.

  3. What a great post and I love the selfies with the family. I think yellow and green are great colors for Joe's bathroom so whatever you decide, it's going to look great... :)

    1. Thank you! I am thinking a combination of the two will certainly work great.

      Now, I just need to honker down and get it done :-).

  4. I love family selfies, keep it up you'll laugh at it when you look at how much you've grown over the years.

    Beautiful pics by the way and I love seeing all those teeth in JOE's mouth. To think that you were worried about it :)

    1. True that. I am starting to like them. At first, I thought they were silly but looking back and seeing the different faces and wondering "what was I thinking?" Almost always brings a smile to my face.
      I sure was worried at one point. Not anymore. Those chompers are out in full force :-).

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Loved the pics. :) Do both yellow and green! You could use the pale green as a border around the walls, or as a bottom border- like grass. Have a great rest of the week! Today is my Friday- WOOT!

    1. Thank you! I think they will complement each other nicely. That way, it isn't too girly or too masculine. It'll be nice and not overwhelming for guests if they want to use it. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Ahh! Those barettes, those shoes, those tiny feet!!!

    1. I know right? Kids and their little quirks. Love love it! :) Hope Nate is doing well!

  7. Great photos. Your daughter is so adorable.


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