Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Challenge update

The last couple of days have been rather busy with life! I am sure a lot of people are going through the same thing especially this time of year. 

I am trying to catch up on my Christmas shopping and also mailing gifts to relatives. Oh gift cards and orders will have to suffice. 

In the midst of all of this, I completed my 30-day arms and abs challenge. I took a week off in the last week because I just wasn't feeling motivated but then got back into it and finished it up because I was so close to completing it. 

To do this challenge, I actually brought a towel to work so I could do the floor exercises as well as arm weights. It was challenging some days but I tried to do most of it in the mornings and that really helped because if I didn't finish it at work, I only had a couple to do after work. 

Will I do it again? Not sure. I do know that I will do the exercises on and off but not necessarily following the same schedule. I feel like I truly fatigued my muscles when all was said and done because I was using the same ones over and over again. 
I did see a small difference in the way my clothes fit. Not much on the scale but I didn't really change my eating habits. Now, I am focusing on eating better and in the last week, I have noticed more of a change. Will keep you posted on that. 

So remember the Santa Dresses I made for my nieces? Well, I have another niece and I decided to make one for her as well. I had a lot of leftover materials and with the exception of the ribbon which cost $2.99, I didn't have to make any new purchases. There'll be 3 oh so beautiful gals in my family wearing the same dress on Christmas day. My other niece is 5 though so her dress had a couple of slight variations. Her buckle is silver instead of gold and her neck ribbon is narrower than the one for the girls. 

Then there was this dress. I guess it'll be another one that looked much better in my head than it actually turned out in person. 

I completed it and I think it'll be another "house dress". I sent these pictures to my sister and she vetoed the idea of me wearing it around family on Christmas day! Even my always supportive husband had "no comment" when I asked him what he thought. OUCH! 

I guess I am not at the point of making adult dresses yet. Oh well...I'll keep working on it and experimenting with different fabrics.

Front view

Side view
I just had to take a picture of this Christmas gift from our VERY awesome Nanny. Its a box of Belgium chocolate. I love every single piece in that box and have had to pace myself to one a day! Trust me, it is really hard!!! She is so nice and each day, we feel very blessed to have her watch JOE.

Happy Hump day! Just a week to Christmas. Yippee!!!


  1. Practice makes perfect! I think the dress looks ok- but it probably looks different in person. Congrats on finishing up your challenges! I think those are relatively hard to do mainly for the reason you cited- muscle fatigue- but you finished and that's great!

  2. Check you out with the ab challenge. Go you, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. I will be joining you in a few months after I give birth to this child of mine.

    Your nanny seems awesome.

    1. Thank you! I am just glad I finished it.
      She is pretty awesome. We really feel blessed to have found her.


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