Friday, May 17, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Week 15...My thoughts

Week 15 is all about My thoughts. I will be completing sentences with what comes to mind:

1. The best thing I did this week is........take a day off work in the middle of the week to hang out with my family and go to the movies with my husband and daughter. We saw Iron Man 3 and loved it!

2. The best compliment I received this week......was from my husband. I have been feeling VERY insecure with my body and the way I look and he told me "you look sexy no matter what" and "you'll lose the baby weight...don't stress out about it." I love that he always his positive words of encouragement for me when I am down.

3. What I regret doing this week is.......not getting more sleep. Although, I don't know when I have the time with a very active and curious 6-month old but I say to myself every week "I will get more sleep this week" and sadly, that hasn't happened yet. I also regret not doing so well with my food choices. But each day is a new day and today, I am starting afresh :-).

4. What makes me smile is......when my daughter laughs or when my husband smacks my butt (can I say that?). I always tell him "I knew you were going to do that" or "stop that" but I secretly love it...don't tell him I said that :-)...then again, he reads my blog...oh well :-).

5. I think ProjectMilf is.......a pretty good way to learn more about others and I wish I could keep up with the updates each week. However, life happens and its somewhat hard to do so.

Looking forward to reading other people's responses to the above questions.

Feel free to join in even if you are not participating in ProjectMilf. It'll be fun!

Hope you've had a fabulous week so far!


  1. nice words from you husband. he is right, you will feel good about your body again. You know I was there some months ago, I am feeling much better.

    Just like i didn't sleep enough. I should be good at that this week :)

    1. far, still not able to catch up on my sleep but I am a work in progress.

  2. #1, such a great idea!

    I hear you on the baby weight! your husband is a sweet man & his words are true :)

    1. Thank you. I hope to really work on it. Everyday, I start with a new attitude to do better than I did the day before.

  3. Awww the hubby's compliments are awesome...isn't the best knowing that no matter what someone always thinks you are sexy. The sleeping thing is hard for me too.,,one day we will sleep again!!

    1. True. He always knows and has the right words when I am feeling down about something.
      Amen to sleeping again one day! :-)

  4. Taking a day off during the week is perfect. It gives you a little break and makes the week not feel so long.

    Haha, I love when hubby slaps my butt lol.

    And hubby is so sweet. He is right. You look beautiful.

    1. lol...yeah...funny though, since I posted this, I have definitely noticed MORE but slaps :-). I ain't complaining.

  5. Nothing wrong with a little love tap! Keeps the marriage spicy :)


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