Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Growing up is hard work! My baby is 6-months!

The last week has been spent trying to get over vertigo and the weekend was spent caring for a teething baby.

I have to give BIG KUDOS to my hubby for picking up the slack when I couldn't. He's been a tremendous help and even though sometimes I want to pinch him for doing or saying something intentionally (in my head) to upset me, the one thing I have and will always know is that when it all comes down, he's got my back! Enough about him. I will be doing another post to sing his praises later on this week.

I got home on Thursday evening and could barely function. J immediately took the baby downstairs and let me sleep for what felt like 30-minutes but was actually 2-hours. I was so tired, I didn't even hear the baby downstairs and oftentimes, I can.
That sleep really did my body good. Friday evening, I came home to a teething but happy baby. Well, that all went out the door as the weekend progressed.

My baby is teething and her discomfort is getting to me :-(. I wish there was something I could do to help her out. That coupled with the sudden temperature change led to her having a cold. She is definitely fighting a good fight though cause she isn't letting the cold keep her down.

Months 5 - 6: (Height: TBD, Weight: TBD @ next appointment)
Our little JOE turned 6-months yesterday. She is a mover and a shaker. She can "crawl" from point A to object B by rolling and doing a leap frog. Its quite comical but cute nonetheless.

Unfortunately, she is now so used to my phone's camera that anytime I pick it up and point it at her, she stops and smiles and refuses to move. A friend suggested I use my iPAD to record her moving since she isn't used to it. I will try that soon. I am so proud of my baby. I mean, what parent isn't right?


  1. She is soo adorable!!! Try giving her some Tylenol if the teething gets too bad.. I have to do that with Greyson and it works wonders!!

    1. Great idea/great minds. I have done that the last 2 nights and its helped her. I feel so bad that I can't help but this is one she has to go through on her own. Oh well...praying those teeth come out soon. I can see them trying to break through the surface.

  2. Goodness! Such a cutie! I love that she knows to lose for the camera. Genius baby.

    Hope she is feeling better. I wish that babies could get teeth without the awful teething experience.

  3. P.S. good man your hubby is !

  4. What a happy baby but I know that teething is troublesome for the wee ones. My grandmother use to put some beads on the babies that would take the pain away. I wish I knew the name.

  5. Awwww sorry to hear that she is so truly is the worst feeling but hopefully it will pass soon. she is getting so big!! can't wait to see her in person soon!


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