Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some-bunny had a birthday yesterday!

Yesterday was my honey bunny's birthday. We are now the same age!!! OK...I am 6-months older than him but still :-).

For his birthday, he got a couple of cupcakes from a local bakery called Crumbs. One from me and one from our little princess JOE. Then we went out to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants (Bertucci's). We even got a complimentary dessert there for his birthday.

We had a good time and JOE was extra happy yesterday. No doubt that was on occasion of his birthday.

Wishing him MANY MANY MANY more happy birthdays. He always says "I'd rather be celebrating a birthday than the alternative." I for one am VERY glad he is  celebrating a birthday.

Love him LOADS!

This pic is so funny because in the first picture I took, JOE had her pacifier in her mouth. When she noticed I was taking pictures, she quickly spit it out. She is getting more accustomed to the camera :-). She smiled but I couldn't catch it in time. Oh least the celebrant is smiling.

A cake from me (his favorite...peanut butter) and one from JOE (raspberry lemon)

He made a wish and is blowing out his candle!


  1. Awwwww, Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  2. Happpy Birthday to your hubby. Happy Easter.

  3. yum, those cupcakes look almost too cute to eat! happy bday to your hubby :)

    {love jenny xoxo}

    1. Thank you! They were yummy. Hubby even let me have a couple of bites.

  4. aw, looks like he had a great day

  5. Happy Belated birthday to Jordan's daddy!

  6. Too sweet! Glad he had a great birthday!

    JOE is the cutest!!

  7. Haha, I love that JOE's getting into the whole photo thing. I guess she didn't want a pic with a binky in her mouth.

    Happy belated birthday to your hubby :)

    1. Of course no binky in pictures :-). She a big girl now. LOL!!!

      Thank you!


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