Friday, March 8, 2013

4 months and a newborn...counting my blessings!

I have been MIA. Life has been so busy and I haven't had a chance to post.
We moved last week and are still putting things away. I will have to do a separate blog about our new place just as soon as I can take some semi-decent pictures.
Our little JOE turned 4-months yesterday. She had her wellness check on Monday and is doing great.

Height: 24.2inches
Weight: 13.01lbs
Head width: 16 inches

She is rolling over from back to stomach consistently now and can sometimes roll from stomach to back. She just discovered her legs and loves to splash when I am giving her a bath. She also loves to kick!
She's a happy baby and loves to laugh. With each passing day, I love her more than I did the day before.

In other exciting news, my brother and his wife welcomed a baby girl early this morning. COB is just so cute and arrived slightly earlier than planned cause no doubt, she was eager to meet her cousin JOE who will be visiting with her next week. She is healthy and beautiful and didn't even have to spend any time in the NICU. She shares a birthday with her aunty (my younger sister) who was present at her delivery due to a series of events.
Thanking God for the blessings of life and family!
Have an awesome weekend everyone!


  1. Awww, she is looking more like you now...Too cute

  2. Little cutie! Congrats on the move and congrats on your new niece!! JOE is a petite little one, I love her smile!!

  3. That first picture is just precious. Love her hat and just look at those teeth less gums lol. She is too cute!! Stay blessed.

  4. Awwww, happy 4 month JOE. She looks like such a happy baby. So looking forward to meeting her soon.

    Congrats to your brother, YAY for more blessings.

    Yes please, house pictures please :)

  5. Omg! That first picture! Cutest smile!! I just want to squeeze her! And those little outfits, adorable!

    Congrats to your brother! :)

  6. Awww gummy smiles! Happy 4months JOE. And congratulations on the new addition to the family.

  7. Awwww, just adorable. She looks so much like you, very cute :)


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