Saturday, March 16, 2013

Settling in

We are finally starting to settle into our new home. Jordan loves all the space. I was concerned that she would be fussy due to the unfamiliar environment but she is doing great and thriving.
J & I managed to install 5 fans in the house. J did most of the work and I was just his helper. It was a little challenging dealing with a baby, taking pump breaks and also doing the fans but we managed to get it all finished by Tuesday.

Yesterday, JOE and I headed to MA to visit with my folks. It is my first flight alone with JOE and her 3rd flight. She did great until we got on the flight. Then my daughter decided to showcase her developing vocal cords. It was a bit of a challenge and now I know how parents feel when their kids cry the entirety of a flight. I used to always think "make them something". Well, nothing I did helped JOE. She cried when we got on the plane for a good 10 minutes and then when we landed and were taxiing to the gate. The flight was only 50 minutes. Needless to say, I was glad when we got off the plane.

It was nice to see my family, meet my newest niece and see my brother who is home from deployment.
I feel truly blessed to have such a loving family.

Here are a couple of pics of JOE watching a movie with her aunty.

I hope to start blogging more this week since things are starting to settle down a bit at work. I am so behind on the project MILF challenge :-(

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. love, love her cheeks and curls.

    i am glad you are settling in alright. we miss you at the #projectmilf but we also understand. take care and have a great weekend.

    love and hugs

  2. She is so into the movie! Her little fingers on the remote. She is beautiful.

    Glad you've gotten things done around the house.

    Hope to read more soon :)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Look at that cutie. In her defense, during take off and landing, babies' ears can fill up with air because of the changing pressure and it can be painful. Poor thing. Those cheeks are just too adorable by the way.

  4. Awww sorry she was fuzzy hopefully the ride home is easier!! She is just too adorable!

  5. Your daughter is so adorable. She seems so into the movie, like she actually understands what's going on! I am one of your silent readers, but I just had to comment on the cuteness of JOE.

  6. Awww, look at her, she just keeps getting cuter. Hope the flight back home isn't as challenging. Good to know you settling in well.

  7. She is so adorable. kudos on getting settled.

  8. YAY for getting settled. I would so love to have fans in every bedrooms.

    You have an amazing family and how lucky that JOE gets to visit your family often.

    I can'tget over how much hair she has, love it.

  9. What a princess!


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