Thursday, August 16, 2012

Progress pics and pregnancy update...@ 28 weeks

HOME STRETCH!!! - I am officially in my 3rd Trimester!

How Far Along? 28-weeks. 9-weeks to "full term" and 12-weeks to "full 40-week pregnancy". 

Size of Baby? About 15.5 inches long. For comparison, baby is now about the size of a Chinese cabbage and weighs about 2.25-pounds!

Maternity Clothes? Yup. My shoes on the other hand are getting more and more uncomfortable. Its typically flip flips, sneakers or a pair of black flats I recently acquired. I try to dress it up a bit on Sundays though so hubby can still remember what my legs looked like prior to all the swelling :-).

Stretch Marks? Haven't seen any new ones but haven't really been looking either. I use Palmer's Cocoa butter but I figured it is what it is. I'll be THRILLED if I don't get them but I also know that there's a good chance I will since I already had them before getting pregnant.

Sleep? Some good days and other not so good days. 

Food Cravings? I've got my sweet tooth back! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I did have my 28-week glucose test on Monday. Doctor's office just called and my blood glucose level is great. Only issue is that some genius cancelled the blood type test so now I have to go back for ANOTHER test. Have I mentioned how much I HATE needles? I think I'll be taking J with me this time for emotional support. 

What I Miss: Being able to climb the stairs without needing a "push" from J! Being able to take the step and kickboxing classes without feeling like my legs are getting heavier by the second. Being able to just get up and walk without feeling like I first need to stretch and take baby steps so as to "work" the muscles. Oh and being able to sleep on my stomach!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Anniversary trip a.k.a "babymoon" to Italy in less than 2-weeks! Test driving cars this weekend. Hoping we can find one we like that'll suit us and cater to our new addition.

Symptoms? Definitely feeling more "off-center". I have never been a clumsy person and this pregnancy has me feeling clumsy. I have to hold handrails climbing the stairs. For a germophobe like me, that's a HUGE deal but it can't be helped cause sometimes, I just feel "off".

Movement? YES! LOTS AND LOTS of movements. The movements are more powerful now and hubby loves watching my stomach move on its own. I must admit that I am also fascinated.  

Belly Button In or Out? Still in. Yay!!! Fingers crossed that it stays in. Its shape has changed though. The hole used to be more oval and now is more round.

Labor Signs?  I think I am starting to feel some braxton hicks pains! Nothing painful just uncomfortable sometimes.

Best Moment of the Week? Beginning the process for our new home build. It won't be ready until the baby is a few months old but having this one box checked off our LONG list of things to do before baby arrives is really a good feeling. 
Also, we ordered the car seat and a few other items. Makes things MUCH more real. 

Weekly Wisdom: Try to enjoy the moment and not focus on the negatives. This is something I have to do more of. Its been hard seeing my body grow in width. I have been going to the gym to try to keep it down but so far, I am up 16-lbs. Considering 14 of those 16-lbs came in my second trimester, its been an emotional challenge for me. I know that's not a ton but I'd like to stay as close to 25-lbs as possible when all is said and done. 

Thoughts/Random Questions:
For moms, how much weight did you gain with your kids and were you able to lose it afterwards? How were you able to maintain a healthy weight?
For non-moms, do you think you'll keep up a workout routine during pregnancy?


  1. to be in your third trimester and having only gained 16 lbs is amazing! you are doing incredible :)

    i hope to be able to workout when i am pregnant in the future. i love doing it now so i am hoping that it wouldn't be a big deal if i continue when i am pregnant.

    1. Thanks Faith. I have always worked out and it is a good stress reliever for me so I continued. I was on bed rest earlier on and couldn't work out and those were the hardest weeks. Oddly enough, I didn't gain any weight during that time period.
      Let's hope with my sweet tooth back, I don't over-indulge.

  2. You are almost there. I still have a long ways to go, lol. I gained 40 lbs with each boy and I was able to lose all of it afterwards. I worked out a lot about 3 months after I had my babies. It took a while to lose all that weight. With my first it took 1 year. With my second it was about 9 months.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh wow. That's definitely good inspiration then. Did you do any particular type of exercise to be able to lose it or were you just walking? I am fine with it taking a year. Afterall, it took almost that long to put it on. I just don't want it taking too long since we'll likely go back to back to back (if we end up with 3).
      How are you feeling?

  3. I did Pilates, aerobics, elliptical and walking.
    I'm feeling a little bit better. Still have morning sickness though. But each week I feel better. Thanks for asking. I'm almost half way there.

  4. Wow.. I'm impressed that you have only gained 16 lbs! I was a gestational diabetic and still packed on 32 lbs by the time I went into labor! Ironically by the time I went home from the hospital I had lost 15 lbs..and by 2 months I only had 10 lbs left to lose. (Still on that)...but I haven't started a workout routine yet. Honestly, breastfeeding helped me shed weight the fastest.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I just entered my 3rd trimester though so I am afraid that most of the weight will come on now. I hear its the time most of the weight comes on.
      I really hope breastfeeding works the same for me as it did you. I will be home for 3-months but it'll be in the middle of winter so I know it'll be a challenge to get to the gym.

  5. I lost all of my baby weight (and more) a week after my daughter was born. My husband and I were both shocked. I didn't do anything special, just breastfed, and it just fell off. I did gain some back though, I think unhealthy eating habits and eating right before bed contributed to it.

    I did gain the majority of my weight at the end of my pregnancy, but I think it was because I was on bedrest.

    1. I am hoping I can bounce back just like you. I plan on working out until the middle of October and then going for walks after that until my due date or when she makes her grand appearance.
      Have a nice weekend!

  6. You will bounce back...just think this is all for your little one and all will be fine in the end!

    1. True that :-). I will do my best to get right back on track afterwards so I don't lose the momentum. I know it'll be a challenge but I can deal with challenges and hubby has promised to help out to ensure that I can get back into shape.

  7. YAY 3rd trimester, such a great feeling to get there isn't.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the weight, considering that you've only gained 16lbs so far that's really not bad.

    I gained 48lbs with my first son and lost it all by the time the baby was 3 months. I felt I had my body back by 6 months after.

    I gained about 30lbs with my second son and tho I am only 10 days post partum, I've already lost 20lbs and my recovery is way better this time. I'll do a post about it soon.

    Basically, don't worry, you can take care of business after the baby is here and look even better than before :)

  8. Thank you! You looked GREAT throughout your pregnancy!
    Wow...20-lbs already? That is great!
    I hope I am like you and lose most of it right away. Would definitely give me the motivation I need to lose the rest.


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