Monday, August 6, 2012

How I spent last week...

Last week was a pretty full week for J & I. We spent the week with my family on vacation in Orlando, Florida. It was a really fun week and the best part of the week was spending time with the rest of my family. Its often difficult for us all to get together so last week was extra special.

I am one of 6-kids. I have an older brother, 3 younger sisters and a younger brother. My older brother and immediate younger sister are both married to awesome people and they are parents to my favorite 5-kids in the world! I just love their kids to pieces and am excited for them to meet their newest cousin in early November.
They have been anticipating their cousin's arrival and we all got to listen to the baby's heartbeat and feel her kick. They were all very excited.

Now on to the week in review.

J & I left for Florida on Tuesday and after 2 flight delays, we made it to Florida. I was extremely tired and the compression socks I wore through both legs of our flight was just NOT comfortable! Although, it did do what it was supposed to do and kept the swelling away.

On Wednesday, J, my sister in law, my nephews and I all headed to the Kennedy Space Center while the rest of the family went to Holy Land.
I was quite impressed with the exhibits at the space center and just made me really proud to be American and to see the progress people have made over time. It felt so great just being there and seeing the stuff we typically see on TV up close.

On Thursday, we all went to Universal Studios. J & I have been there before so we really didn't see much new BUT it was made more special seeing how excited the kids were to be there. I couldn't get on any rides being 6+ months pregnant and all so I ended up just hanging out with the younger kids. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it wasn't too too hot.
At the end of the day, J & I went to the pool at my parent's timeshare. It was a VERY welcomed relief! I just sat in the pool for a while and then J carried me around the pool while I screamed "don't get my hair wet!"
We had a Shrek sighting!

On Friday, we again went to Universal Studios but spent the day on the Island of Adventures. J & I haven't been to that side of the park so it was all new to us. We walked around and I got to see some of my beloved comic book characters (Captain America, Spiderman, Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm (although, if you ask me she was TOOOO old to be wearing the outfit she had on). The Island of Adventures is truly a parent's worse nightmare money-wise and a kid's dream! I doubt its even possible for a parent to go in there and not spend money on other items. But its worth it to see the look on the faces of the kids.

On Saturday, we went to the pool and soaked up the sun. Then it was back to our various destinations on Sunday. The week went by TOO FAST and I miss everyone already BUT, I am comforted by the fact that J & I will be heading to Italy at the end of the month. I hope I can get the go-ahead from my doctor at my next appointment on Monday.

Thoughts/Random Questions:
Have you taken a vacation this year? If so, to where? Would you rather go on a family vacation or on a vacation with just you and your significant other/travel buddy?


  1. I love vacations with my spouse better but more family members will be fun. Just planning a vacation is very stressful. Looks like a fun weekend you had there!

    1. It was a fun vacation. Thankfully, my sister in law is a master planner so she helps with that aspect of it.
      I find that vacations depends on who you're with. I love going with hubby but its also a different experience from traveling with my sisters and/or my family (which includes kids).

  2. I have not been on a vacation this year, and will not be going on one :( But we did go to Disney World with the kids back in November and it was awesome. I'm hoping to go on vacation next year before my oldest starts kindergarten. I would love to go on a vacation with all my family. We only did that once with my aunt's and cousins when I was 11. Other than that everyone goes with their own family. I also would love to go on a vacation with just my hubby too, but I'm not ready to leave my kids. I'm sure when they get a little bit older I will feel more comfortable leaving them with someone. Besides hubby & I have been on lots of vacations alone together so we have pictures & memories of those days, and when the kids are bigger we will start it up again.

    1. I love that you and hubby got to travel a lot before kids. I can certainly understand not wanting to leave the kids. Hopefully, when they are older, you can create new memories with the kiddies :-).
      Have you considered a cruise? Like a Disney cruise? Not for now but later when they are older and can spend some time doing other activities and free up you and hubby to do adult stuff.

  3. We went to Disney World this year with family and it was incredible! We had a mini vacay to AC just hubs and I and that was fun :)

    The ending of this year we will travel again but this time with Sean's parents.

    I've notice that I don't care how or with whom I travel as long as I'm going somewhere :)

    Great pictures! Looks like a great vacay! Hope you get the go ahead for Italy!

    1. I love Disney world. I wanted to go but no one else did so I was out numbered.
      I also love traveling to places. As long as it is time away from work and my daily routine, I am good to go.
      Thanks for the wish about Italy. I really would be very bummed if I can't go especially since the trip is already paid for so I am keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

  4. That's one thing I can't wait s to travel with our little man...we are already planning a trip to Barbados next year!

    1. Oh how awesome! That'll be a fun time. Our little girl will go on her first trip in December when we go to Boston for Christmas. Depending on when she arrives, she'll be 4 -6 weeks.
      We traveled a lot with my parents when we were growing up and hope to do the same with or kids.

  5. We went to Orlando this year too while pregnant with hubby's family. It was so much fun. I love family vacays

    1. Yup...they sure are the best. Although by the week's end, I am typically ready to head back to routine stuff.


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