Sunday, July 22, 2012

J won the Chick-fil-A bowl!

I know you're thinking about the actual food franchise but nope...I am referring to J's play station 3 game (NCAA Football 12).
Here is something I don't understand. J treats this game like he really is playing real football! He actually makes time for the game and I often wonder what his fascination is with the game. But apparently, it is a good stress reliever for him because when he has had time to play his game, he is in a much better mood. Plus I do not want to take this away from him since our lives will change significantly once baby arrives this fall.
So ladies, do your men spend a lot of time playing video games? How do you handle it? How much time do they spend playing the game and does it make you uncomfortable?


  1. Sean doesn't play video games ... so i'll subsitute for Rugby. i know he loves it so i tolerate it. i'm sure he doesn't appreciate my love for shopping but he tolerates it, lol.

    1. Lol...I am the opposite when it comes to shopping. I don't like shopping and hubby loves to shop. I go with him when he goes but I am often the one looking at the clock and going "are we done here?".


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