Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby makes 3

We went to Boston to celebrate Christmas with my family in December 2011. Right before we left to come back, my mom prayed and one line of her prayer went something like this - "Lord, make it so that before the end of the year, they (J & I) will welcome a new addition into their family".

Now, I TOLD my mom that J and I weren't planning on trying to start a family until after our 1-year anniversary for so many reasons. That would mean if we got pregnant right away, the baby would arrive in early 2013. We just wanted to first live together as man and wife and enjoy the alone time together since we didn't live together before getting married. 

Fast forward to my annual gynecology visit in February. I met with the doctor and told her our plans was to start trying in April. She advised that due to my "Advanced Maternal Age" (words I have come to DESPISE!), it would be best to get off birth control in February and give my body time to adjust without artificial  hormones before trying to conceive. I didn't think I'd hear the words "Advanced Maternal Age" for a couple more years since I am 34. I mean, I felt like I was in my prime not "advanced"!

So with that, I left her office. The following week was Valentine's day and let's just say J & I had a good Valentine's day celebration.

2-weeks later, I started feeling "off". I went to Boston to visit with my folks and told my mom I had a metallic taste in my mouth. She just nodded and didn't say anything. My younger sister also told me I was "glowing" but I didn't think anything of it.
Came back home and a week and half goes by and I am still not feeling right. I wasn't throwing up or nauseous but I just felt "off". So I decided to get some tests from the dollar store (yes they have them), and a couple of "more reliable" brands from CVS.

The first test I took didn't show anything. You can barely see a faint pink line.

I waited until the next morning and took another test. This one definitely showed that there was something there. I didn't want to get too excited so I figured I'd wait another day.

The following day after work, I decided to take the remaining dollar store test as well as the other brand name tests.

Yes. I needed 3 to confirm that it was indeed positive! I was in so much shock that I left the tests on the counter in the bathroom with a note for J and then immediately looked at my calendar to see how far along I'd be when we went to Italy.
We booked the trip back in early February. It put me at 30-weeks. I then went on the airline's site to see what their cutoff date was for flying. It said 35-weeks. WHEW! J & I will make it our babymoon :-)!

Next thing I did was to go do Zumba Fit 2 on my Wii (I love that game!). Plus I had too much happy energy to burn :-).

When J got home, I told him I left something for him in the bathroom. He went to see it and was THRILLED. He had an unforgettable smile on his face! Almost made me pause my Zumba Fit game. Almost...

So began the next phase of our lives...preparing for our newest addition. We are both really thrilled and looking forward to our new adventure with our plus one :-) .


  1. something tells me your little sister may have had a hand in getting you that Zumba for your Wii Fit!!! You can thank her later :)

  2. congratulations. i am thrilled for you and J :). so happy to follow you on this journey :)

  3. so, so exciting! congrats!!!


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