Friday, September 16, 2016

To the lady who gave my kid a car...

Thank you!

We had a very early flight the day we left for vacation. Plus we were flying out of Reagan National due to a change in flight by the booking company a couple of weeks before we left. This added time to our planned commute so we had to get up earlier to drive to the airport since it was further away. 

The girls were pretty good for the most part and were excited for the trip. JOE had been asking about when we would be leaving on vacation so she was extra excited.

However, by the time we got to the airport, got through security, got breakfast and settled down for a bit, they were starting to get cranky. 

It was then I noticed a very kind woman who was behind us in line start digging into her bag. I assumed she was going to get her phone but no. She got out this little car for the girls to play with. It was just the most thoughtful act of kindness! She then told us she has 3 kids and knows how it can be traveling with kids. 

After we boarded our flight, turns out she was right behind us! JOE took the window seat right in front of her and was chatty with her. During conversations, we found out she is originally from Jordan! Go figure! JOE (first name Jordan) and her immediately clicked. J, JAE and I all fell asleep during the flight but not JOE. She spent the flight time talking to the lady and even did some drawings for her. The lady gave her a pen and paper to draw while we slept. 

These days, you hear so much about the bad in the world that it is sometimes hard to hear the whispers of the good in the world. This experience was a much more positive one than the one we encountered last year when we flew back from our vacation. Since I am a blogger, I decided to use this forum to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the lady who performed this act of kindness. While she may never read this post, I pray that it inspires others to show kindness especially when you see a family traveling with kids. It isn't easy for the parents either but when acts of kindness like these are done, you make for a much more pleasant and fun flight for everyone. 

Thanks to this lady, both girls each had a car to play with during our vacation. We had only packed one car.

We packed entertainment for both girls to use during the flight but ended up not needing it because they behaved so well. Thanks to a simple act of kindness. 

Have a fabulous day and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. This makes my heart all sorts of happy. I hope somehow, someway she gets to read this!

  2. Thank you for this story. I plan to travel with extra toys so that I too can pay it forward to parents in distress. Many people have forgotten what it's like to travel with young children. There are really many very kind people in this world. And this story is just one example. For me, at the end of every science class (I have 5 sections), my students thank me as they leave the class. And, they're middle school students. Kindness does exist!

  3. That is such a great story and such a great act of kindness. People have become so self absorbed with their own lives that they forget to acknowledge people around them. That was so sweet of her.


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