Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Family vacation 2016 - Picture heavy

We got back from our vacation a little before midnight last week Saturday. I feel like I need a vacation to recover. 

Overall, the trip was a success. We got to spend time as a family and also relax a bit while being waited on. 

Like we did last year, we again did an all inclusive resort. J and I have decided that while the kids are younger, it is just easier to do all inclusive packages. I am looking forward to getting back into exploring Europe more with the kids when they get older. 
In the meantime, we have also decided to visit more locations in the US during Spring break after JOE starts school. 

Before I cover our vacation, here are a couple of things that occurred before our vacation. 

The Friday before, JOE told me she doesn't have any toys. I give you exhibit A. I mean, look at this war zone! 

The Saturday before we left, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I saw this picture and was very disturbed by it. 
Please take a look at the Athletes featured. These girls ALL worked their butts off and earned the gold. And while I never buy People magazine, I was disappointed to see the placement of their "special offer" sticker. I thought perhaps a customer had put it there but when I used my finger to see if it was removable, I noticed it wasn't and left it alone. FIVE athletes won the gold and this picture really made me sad. I consider it a form of media bullying. Especially of someone so accomplished. 

J also ended up having to run to the library the Saturday before we left so he could pick up some DVDs for JOE and JAE to watch during our trip. Check out JOE in her ballerina tutu. My niece dances ballet and when she outgrew her stuff, my sister sent them my way. JOE noticed this one item that morning and decided she wanted to wear it to go run errands with her dad. Too cute for words! Of course I had to take pictures :-).

And we're off! We left bright and early on Sunday morning. Considering the girls were up at 6am, they did pretty good :-). Look at the smile on their faces. Of course, the presence of gold fish made everything better :-D.

Family selfie before our flight. Coincidentally, we left on the same day J and I went on our first date 9-years earlier.  
I'm wearing the Queen tee from AyoBE Boutique. Go get one! You'll love it!!!

Ocean front view from our room. It was spectacular!

The next morning, both girls were really excited to start their day. 

This infinity pool was pretty much where we spent a solid 70% of our time while at the resort.

So glad the resort had a play area for kids that came complete with a face painter and someone to entertain the kids. While we did not leave the girls alone there, we enjoyed watching them play in the play room. 
A play room is definitely a must have for our vacations! My little princess...

JOE wanted me to film this video for her grammy, g-dad, grandpa and grandma. I hope they are able to watch it. We LOVE these puddle jumpers! THE BEST investment for the girls. We never left the girls unattended but having them wear this gave them some independence in the pool. 

After a day at the pool, my little one was TIRED! They both got good naps after the pool each day. Great time for J and I to relax.

Eating dinner at one of the 5 restaurants on the resort. This one was outside and came with a spectacular view!

Look at the beautiful clouds in the next few pictures.

Since we were able to also visit the sister resort of where we stayed, we decided to take a ferry ride to Playa Del Carmen. We had a great time visiting. 

The girls enjoyed playing in the sand and collecting sea shells.

The Original Js. The "O.J's" :-). Me and my honey bun!

I love this picture! JAE and I were walking hand in hand while JOE walked with her dad. JAE suddenly left my side and started running towards her dad. They are both such daddy's girls. 

We had a yummy lunch at the sister resort. The ribs were SOOOOOOO GOOODDDD!!!

J took the girls out to give me a break so I could eat. I often eat with JAE on me but I wanted a "hands free" lunch and J obliged me :-).

Touring downtown Playa Del Carmen. 

I guess this is their version of Victoria's Secret?

And of course, my man Tom Brady. The NE Patriots QB. I told the girls that if I didn't marry their dad, Tom would definitely have been in the running. LOL...As if...

Another one from downtown. Check out the water fountain. I noticed the water after we got back to our room. Pretty cool...

The girls were tuckered out afterwards and promptly went to sleep after we got back from the pool that day. 

On another day, we decided to visit downtown Cozumel. Cozumel was one of the stops on our family cruise in 2007 when my family went on a cruise. It was nice to be back visiting with my husband and daughters. 

The Norwegian. This ship was a hotel on the water! I mean, it was GINORMOUS!!!

Another day at the pool. Check out my "baby girl". She suddenly started to sprout!

 This sight made me laugh! Both girls were sleeping and all I saw was their beautiful hair! I love that they often love to be around each other. JAE can also say her sister's name which is just so cute!

A few mornings after breakfast, we let the girls play in the sand and "build" sand castles. 

The resort also had a play area outside where the girls got to enjoy the swing set. Just look at the joyful looks on their faces. PRICELESS!

America's Next Top Model has nothing on this girl. Check out her model walk!

Still a cutie while eating her fig bar. She came out of the pool for a snack :-).

"Mom! Enough!!!" But I can't help it :-0.

Another beautiful sunset view. 

So folks often talk about America's addiction to soda. Well, check out the size of these! It is a 3L bottle of Coca Cola. YIKES!

Our last evening there. We took pictures with the girls by the water. 

My family. <3. We all got beautiful tans. 

Right before bed that night, I heard noise outside our window and saw this when I went to check. They had a party boat complete with dancers. Too funny! 

The next morning. Selfies before we left for the airport. 

I saw this sail boat far off and just had to take a picture of it. I had to zoom in all the way in order to get this picture. Hence the blur. But I love it anyways.

During the first leg of our flight from Cozumel, we were on a newer plane. It came complete with an outlet for devices as well as your own person screen. Awesome! Too bad they didn't give head phones as well.

Family selfie on our way home.

We had such a great time. The girls did great traveling and we all were happy to reconnect as a family. Looking forward to an even bigger family celebration next year. Woohoo!!!


  1. What a fantastic trip! Looks like such a good time and the girls looked like they really enjoyed themselves. Can't believe how big they look in these pictures!!!

    And that people magazine, can't believe they did that. You mean to tell me all those people who work behind the scenes at that magazine did not see that. Such a blatant act of disrespect.

  2. Such a beautiful trip and I am loving all the pictures. Jenna has really become a big girl, I loved that model walk. Look at JOE in her tutu, I love a girl in a tutu :). Thanks for sharing, I love how you guys vacation with your kids.

    I will definitely check out that resort, looks amazing. We are thinking of going to Mexico or Dominican for our next vacation. We thought we should try another Mexican city and Cozumel might be the perfect location. We'll talk, I need more details

    Dang, that poor Gabby Douglas, she got it from all angles this Olympics. She is such an accomplished girl and to see her being ripped through sheds online and everywhere else really irked me. She is only 20 years old and has achieved more than most will in their lifetime. Sorry for getting on a soap box, the negative attitude towards her this Olympics really bothered me.


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