Monday, September 12, 2016

Birthday celebration and birthday preparation

The day after we got back from our trip was my birthday. Actually, we got back so late on Saturday night that by the time we got into bed, it was my birthday :-).

Since we got back so late on Saturday, we slept in on Sunday. It was the first time both girls slept until 8:30am. That's how tired EVERYONE was. 

J took us all out for breakfast to celebrate my birthday. 

Car selfies of the birthday girl :-).

Me and my girls. They were on their best behavior too considering.

J ordered me an absolutely delicious birthday cake. YUM!!

JOE was really happy to celebrate with me and showed me wearing her "goggles" :-)

Birthday loot. I made out really well :-). 

Now that my birthday is over, I am beginning the process of prepping for JOE's birthday. She has asked for a PJ Masks themed birthday and wants to be Catboy. I should add that Catboy is often the leader of the pack :-). I've been scouting the internet for a femine "Catboy" outfit but to no avail so I have decided to make one. 

Below is the sketch (I am not a very good drawer) of what I am thinking. I already got the fabric and plan to make the skirt in the next couple of weeks. I plan on sewing shorts into the skirt since my baby likes to jump. Wish me luck!

I found her top through Sears on sale. I plan to shorten the sleeve to make it a 3/4 sleeve.

Cheers to an awesome week! 


  1. Happy Birthday!! Looks like a great day :)

    Love that JOE wants to be a catboy for her birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday! That cake looks so yummy! Good luck with JOE's birthday outfit, looking forward to seeing the final look! x

  3. Happy birthday girl, so happy the family treated you to a well deserved celebration.


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