Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: 5 years later

It has been a busy couple of weeks. First, we had JAE's birthday and then last weekend, we had her baby blessing at church. In addition to that, last Saturday was our 5th wedding anniversary. 
I can't believe it has been 5 years! I still remember our first date and then the night we got engaged, the evening of our Nigerian wedding ceremony and the day of our wedding ceremony. It feels like last year but time doesn't lie. 

In the last 5-years, J and I have had quite a few milestones. We have welcomed 2 beautiful girls and purchases our first home together. We've also had our share of disappointments, hardships and yes, many arguments. But in all of those years, the one thing I know is that I have a life mate and there is no one else I'd rather take the journey with than with J. He has seen me at my worst and my best. He was there through the births of both of our daughters. He coached me, rubbed my back, gave me encouraging words when I was going through a tough time and was the first to hold our daughters when they first came out. 

Marriage is NOT easy. Not by a long shot. In my humble opinion, anyone who says it is either is lying to themselves OR one person in the marriage is lying. However, marriage when married to the right person is great! We both love each other, love our family and know that to make it work, we have to work at it. 
Being a parent to young kids often means we have NO FREE TIME! But we find time to talk (even if it is in the evenings when I am sewing). We take the temperature of our marriage ever so often to see where we can make changes. 
I am guilty of holding things in when I am upset and letting it fester but over the years, being with J and knowing I won't be judged has helped me to open up and encouraged me to communicate more when something upsets me because holding it in solves nothing. 
He is the ying to my yang and we are thankful for the last 5-years of marriage. We have done a lot of growing up in the last 5-years and have matured together. 
Because we had family in town, we didn't go out for our anniversary. We plan on doing that next weekend.

Anyways, here are a couple of throw back pictures from 5-years ago. I'm sure you've already seen them but whatevs! I love looking at them :-D

Switching gears. On Saturday, JOE also had her first dance class. She's been asking to take one for the longest time and we kept "forgetting" to register her. So we finally got her into a class not too far from us. It is a ballet/tap dance class combo. JOE was not too keen on it. As a matter of fact, shortly after she got in the class, she asked to leave. J had to convince her to stay. I mean, this is someone who had been asking for MONTHS to take a class. Anyways, we have to incentivize her by telling her we would let her pick a toy from her treasure chest at home if she stayed. That helped :-).

Only one parent was allowed in the studio so while JOE and J were in there, JAE and I hung out outside. JAE wanted to go in there so bad. I already know that she'll be taking dance once she turns 2. 

JOE was so happy she stayed and was all too eager to show me her butterflies :-). She said she'd love to go back next week. YAY!!! I hope she doesn't expect another toy from her treasure chest every week. It could get expensive.
Side Note: I have a box filled with stuff JOE likes. I let her pick something out of it whenever she does something that she ordinarily doesn't want to do. Basically, I try to give her incentives. Often, she gets to pick something every week for doing her hair and not screaming her head off. We call the box her treasure chest.

On Sunday was JAE's baby blessing at Church. Coincidentally, her baby blessing fell the same weekend as her sister's did 3-years ago. I was concerned that the dress wouldn't fit since JOE was much younger when we had her church blessing. Thankfully, J's aunt who made the dress made allowances to ensure that an older child would fit. JAE got to wear the same dress which JOE wore. The dress is made from my wedding dress. I hope to pass it down to future generations as a family heirloom. 
My mom stayed on after JAE's birthday last weekend and I am so grateful that she and my dad who arrived on Friday were able to attend JAE's Church blessing (also known as a baby dedication).

JAE with her godparents. They flew out from GA to be there and we were so thankful to have them there. JAE is a lucky girl!

I was also happy that J's parents and brother were in attendance as well. 

Beautiful uncle and aunty with their niece. We had a very small reception at our home following the service with close family and friends.

My parents with JOE. 

These 2! I love them so. They really are the best parents to me and my siblings. They always encourage us and I wouldn't be who I am without them. Thanks mom and dad for always being there for us!

With their grandkids. 

It was a lovely weekend. I am thankful for time spent with family and the gifts from family and friends to our little JAE. 

Next stop, J and I will be celebrating our anniversary next weekend. WOOHOO! Looking forward to it. 

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  1. Happy 5-Year anniversary you guys.
    I always enjoy your photo dumps, so many cute pics of the kids :)

  2. Ah, forgot I am logged in under Neil :)


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