Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Dance, Celebrate and Ride the Train

A continuation of our ever busy weekends! 

I don't know why there are no official US holidays in April. I feel like we need one! Between March and May, there's only one holiday and that one occurs at the end of May so technically, it doesn't count. Oh well...I am glad we are getting towards the other part of the year where we get more holidays and more sunlight. Woohoo!!!

I haven't done one of these in a while so here's our weekly mommy-daughters selfie. We all have messy hair. Excuse us. It was early on a Saturday morning :-D. #wewokeuplikethis

We were watching TV on Friday evening and I caught JAE watching TV with her hand under her chin. I guess she was concentrating? No matter...I thought it was cute and had to take a pic :-).

And this is how you do when you're tired but still want to watch TV :-).

JOE did so much better at dance last week. So much so that JAE was glued to the room door watching her sister intently. I had to snap a picture of it. 

And the little ballerina herself. 

When my mom was here, she asked that I make a bag for JOE. I did one and she liked it so much that she paid for one for JAE. JAE really loves her bracelet bag and loves putting her mega lego blocks in it then walking around. 

Yup...JAE loves her bracelet bag so much that she carries it around the house.

J and I had our first date in a few months (our last date was for Valentine's day). We were really excited to be going out without the kids!

I'm loving my hair bow! I got new fabric patterns recently in my shop so I of course had to showcase a piece right? These are perfect for a great mommy and me look so go check out the store and get one for you and your little one.

Yup...we're happy :-)

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to the place we had dinner the night J proposed back on 12/9/2009. Its been almost 7 years and that place will forever hold a great memory for us. 

When we got there, we were greeted with these on our table :-D. J had called ahead and told them we were celebrating our anniversary.

So of course, while waiting for our food, I was sure to "write" using the hearts. 

I ordered the same yummy salad I ordered so many years ago. It tasted just as yummy as it did then.

And that's me! :-)

And as a throw back, here's one of us from the night we got engaged. 

We got a very delicious complimentary dessert. Although, J was a little disappointed because he wanted to order a full size cheese cake but instead, we got the samplers. Hey, you can't beat FREE!

The 5th anniversary is a "wood" anniversary so I got J this picture frame. I'll be printing out a picture of both of us to put in the frame.

Funny enough, J had ordered this one from the same vendor as well. It is scary how we are both starting to think alike! LOL :-)

J also got me these absolutely beautiful roses. Guess what? They are made of wood! They'll never die!!! I just love them so much!!!

The next day, we headed out to spend a day with Thomas! A few weeks back, we got tickets to take J. She was really excited and I just loved the expression she had on her face when she first saw Thomas.

Oh and yeah, I had to wear a bow in my puff. We were in a rush and I couldn't find the adult bow so I just took the kid size one :-). Hey, what can I say? I was having a bow-tas-tic weekend :-).

Kidding aside, these are awesome accessories for your hair :-).

They were both so excited to see Thomas.

J and 2/3 of his girls. 

JAE was absolutely mesmorized by Sir Topham Hatt! She couldn't wait to meet him while we were standing in line. When she finally met him, she didn't want to give him a high 5. Too cute!

There was also an area for coloring. Check our my little JOE coloring within the lines!

And JAE trying to color :-)

I wanted to get a picture of the girls here but JAE was having none of it.

And we're finally on the train. JAE was hungry at this point so she had no smiles for the camera.

She was fed and ready to take pictures. 

My little JOE.

JOE even got a water tattoo.

And JAE got to drive her own train. 

JOE also enjoyed driving her train car.

This was pretty cool. The kids could control these miniature trains remotely.

It was an absolutely fun time and we enjoyed spending the day with Thomas. If they're in town or nearby and you have a little one, I definitely recommend you take your kid. There was a lot to do and all you pay for is ticket price. Everything else (except for food) was included. Definitely a bargain deal!

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  1. So many fun celebrations in one post :). I love how happy you were going out without the kids, I know that feeling so well :).

    YAY Thomas. We are totally going with you guys next year ;)

    1. Oh yes we will next year! Looking forward to it! :-)

  2. Ahhh, so much fun in this post. My niece is also doing the whole dancing thing and she loves it! It's pretty awesome for me to see how families are all doing similar things. JAE makes the best expressions. She seems so wise! And the hand under her chin, love it!

    You look gorgeous! Love that you both went to the same restaurant you were engaged at. And the wood roses! That is so unique. Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you! JAE is definitely VERY expressive. I agree with you that she is very wise. :-)
      Hope all is well.


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