Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Hair Update - new beginnings

So we had a pretty eventful weekend. On Saturday, after much discussion, J made the decision (with some encouragement from yours truly) to cut his hair. He decided to get a close crop in hopes that it'll make his hair more even. 

It was a milestone occasion and one that we have had several discussions about so of course it was fitting that we all went to support him. The Friday before J's "big chop", I got a picture of J so we could do a before and after look. 

Here's J before he left for work. 

On Saturday afternoon, we all got in the car (all smiles) and headed to the local Hair Cuttery for J's new look.

I thought for sure at this point that J would change his mind but he didn't! My brave husband said "we're good. Take it off!"

And so, she did...

More pictures from the event.

And just so you can see how handsome he looks, check out the before and after!

And since we're talking about hair, here's JOE's hair. It keeps growing and growing and growing. If you listen on the video, I asked her if she wanted to cut her hair. She said "NO!" I guess we'll let it grow until she and J are ready for it :-D. I am looking forward to when I can do her hair without the screaming and arguing.

And then of course, there's the sisters! Look at how much JAE's hair is growing as well. Soon, I'll be spending all day Saturday on all 3 of our hair. Its a blessing though so no complaints here...
I just love the wait JOE looks at her sister so adoringly. 

Don't mind JAE. She wanted me to pick her up and I wanted her to spend time with JOE so yeah...that's her "are you for real" face.

Then of course, there is this very cute picture of my baby in her soon to be favorite Sports team onsie. Momma's home team...the WINNING New England Patriots. WOOHOO!!!

To close out this post, check out a side by side difference of 3 days. The picture on the left was taken last Friday and the one on the right was taken on Monday morning. Check out my fresh hubby. I do love me some him! :-).

I hope you're having a great week so far. I need to start doing more for JOE's 3rd birthday party! It is in 2 weeks! Gosh...I can't believe I'll have an almost 3 year old. We feel so blessed! But seriously though, where did the time go? I feel like I blinked and she's turning 3 already. 


  1. Oooooh J, hubby is looking fresh ;).

    That pic of JOE looking lovingly at JAE is everything.

    Crazy that JOE's birthday is around the corner huh, weren't we just celebrating her 2nd birthday like yesterday. Seriously, time is flying like crazy.

  2. Tell J I'm loving the new doo. I swear the new cut looks like it took at least 5 years off of him.

  3. Your hubby looks great with the new hair cut and I agree, he really does look younger.

    I love the pictures of the girls together, too. Have a wonderful weekend... :)


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