Monday, October 5, 2015

Growing and learning (picture heavy)

JOE & JAE had a fun week last week. Their child care provider keeps them very much occupied and learning at the same time. We love that she sends us updates throughout the day and week. This helps because even though J and I aren't there, we still feel very much involved in their day. 

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

In August and September, when I got home, I often had to pump. JAE is becoming more mobile and with that also comes her curiosity. She loves to pull on and eat the cords to my pump parts! And she often does it with a smile. I know she's teething but for some reason the cords make her happy.

JOE and her friends from the "Nice and Friendly Corners". JOE is now into Sheriff Callie. We have a reward chart for JOE to encourage good behavior. When she gets 5-apples, she gets to pick a toy from the "treasure chest". So far, she has picked out the entire cast of Sheriff Callie.

Like I said earlier, JOE and JAE's child care  provider teaches them lots of new things. She is actively working with JOE to prepare her for kindergarten when the time comes. Last week, they worked with fall colors and also created a fall wreath which I will be hanging somewhere in our home.

In addition to learning, they get to do lots of fun stuff like put on painted tattoos. JOE wanted me to take a picture of her "too" as she calls it :-).

During a quiet evening last week, while JAE slept, JOE and I got to cuddle for a bit. I miss this time with her. I know with her sister arriving, she's had to "grow up" so to speak but she will always be my first baby :-). 

Speaking of, I also love snuggle time with this not so little one. She is growing up so fast! And we have a couple of firsts last weekend with her. I'll have to dedicate a post to her next week. But for now, here's one of her sleeping. I love how she holds on to me even when she sleeps.

Last week, JOE and J went out to run an errand. They stopped by the candy store on their way home and picked up my favorite candies. When they got home, JOE happily ran up to me and said "Happy Candy Day!" Indeed it was a happy candy day :-).

J and his girls playing around on the floor. Love them to the moon and back!

JAE and her smile. It really does light up the room.

This one made me laugh out loud! She has a surprise look like "wait, you caught that?"

They love to play together.

"Enough with the pictures paparazzi!"

"Really? You're still taking pictures huh?"

"OK OK. I know I'm cute! Snap away!"

"Look momma! I'm growing up so fast! I can now sit in the high chair!!!"

JOE enjoying her mid-day snack.

I just love this picture. JOE is definitely a social butterfly. She made a friend at the airport park

Last week, JOE said to me "momma, when I get bigger, I'm going to be a doctor!" Great. There goes my retirement. I'll be working for the next 35 years to make sure she is able to achieve that dream if that is what she wants to do. The joys of being parents to awesome kids.

And ending this post with a picture of my girls. They brighten up my day.

Hope you had a nice weekend! Cheers to a wonderful week!


  1. These are adorable! Love the one with your hubby and daughters. JAE is getting so big- they grow too fast!

  2. Your daughters are the cutest seriously. JOE is such a great big sister, always seems to be excited to teach JAE some new stuff, JAE is just so cute and I am loving the facial expressions. No wonder you are just snapping pics away all day, I would too :)


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