Friday, March 13, 2015

TGIF: JOE's week in review

JOE certainly had a fun filled week thanks to the warmer temperatures we've been having and her new child care provider. Considering she was born in the Fall, my baby sure does love the warmer weather. I am glad because I am hoping to get LOTS of walks in with her once her baby sister arrives. 

So here's JOE's funny for the week. Conversation I had with her on Tuesday went like this:
Me: Since you're only using your bed as a play area, can we convert it back to a crib for baby sister?
JOE: No momma!
Me: But where will baby sister stay?
JOE: Baby sister can stay there (pointing to the house across the street) with Midnight.

Two things about this conversation. 
1. She was pointing to our neighbor's house. 
2. Midnight is their beautiful dog who JOE loves to play with whenever we're over there.

I am not quite sure of what to make of that conversation. Her child care provider tried to have a discussion with her about sharing her toys yesterday and I was told JOE pretty much had a variation of the same conversation above because she doesn't want to share her toys. Needless to say, I am now on the hunt for a book that will help her adjust to the changes that are about to occur.

Anyways, here are some pictures from JOE's week. 

Here she is cheesing it for the camera as she writes on our front walk.


"JOE's work of art" :-).

And my little princess at the library. I think we need to work on her cheesing smile :-). 

And here she is riding her Dora Mobile. J & I got this for her for her birthday last year. She NEVER once showed interest in it until her friend played with it during their play date on Saturday. I guess that's one way to get kids to enjoy their toys.


And here she is on her way to a kid's jump place. Her child care provider took her there. It is a place where kids get to jump to their heart's content and also play basketball. 2 things JOE is absolutely loving right now.
By the way, my daughter LOVES wearing her sunglasses. If it is sunny out, she'll quickly turn to you and say "my eyes! I think I need sunglasses please." Yup, that's my little diva.

Jumping, jumping, jumping!

JOE's godfather and his wife got her an absolutely cute Minnie Mouse dress up kit as well as a mat puzzle piece. The gifts totally made her day last night when she received it. She's been playing with it ever since.

And of course, no week will be complete without a trip to the mall. 

Clearly, this girl had an awesome week while momma and dadda worked. I am glad she's having a great time. It warms our hearts to see how much she is thriving and taking in the world and we are thankful and blessed to have found someone who cares for her and takes her on these adventures when we can't.

This weekend will be spent making preparations for baby and going on a date with J. Yay!!!

Hope your week was as fun as JOE's. Have a blessed weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. looks like she had a great's the best watching this little people grow up! And that conversation is too precious...lolz JOE!

  2. That looks like fun filled week. I'm sure JOE will be an awesome sister when baby sister is here :)

  3. JOE is such a happy go lucky little girl. So excited for some more play date soon. I love that she is so expressive.


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