Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Last weekend's activities

We had an awesome weekend as a family last weekend and we were able to get a lot done. We relaxed, J brought up and cleaned up items for the baby while I did the household shopping. Then I packed my hospital bag and put a few things in order around the house. 

On Saturday, JOE's child care provider cared for JOE for a few hours while J & I went out to an early dinner. We figured we might not get a chance to go for another one until baby arrives so we took full advantage of the situation. 
Our initial plan was to go to the Indian restaurant that recently opened not too far from us but by the time I was done giving JOE a bath and doing her hair, we missed their lunch time. I am moving slower these days and I think seeing all the baby stuff may have given JOE a bit of anxiety so she was in rare form on Saturday therefore prolonging the amount of time it took to do her hair. 
So instead of the Indian restaurant, we decided to go to the Nigerian restaurant not too far from us. J apparently, was craving some pounded yam and egusi :-). I kid you not! Scroll down and see :-D.


Apparently, I was interrupting JOE's iPAD time. She was none too happy about this picture.

Once JOE's hair was done, J and I went on our merry way! I had also washed my hair earlier and it was twisted hence the hat. I do like the hat though. It was one of the gifts I got from J for Christmas. I am also sporting a new shade of lipstick. I wasn't entirely sure about it at first but then I wore the hat and realized "oh, this works!" 

Well, we got to the restaurant and J ordered egusi and pounded yam.

 I ordered some jollof rice with fried plantains.

See what I mean? Homeboy couldn't wait to dig in! He actually was using his hand (the traditional way) and a fork to eat. It was so funny, I had to take a picture. At least he was a good sport about it :-).

At last, in the battle of Man vs. Food, food won! J gave up half way through the meal. But don't fret! He packed it up and had the rest for lunch the following day :-).

The meal gets his seal of approval. He was very satisfied :-D.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch too. I should add that J also ate some of my food which might be why he wasn't able to finish his.

After our late lunch, we headed to a nearby mall where I visited the candy shop there. These are my 2 favorite chewy candies and I loaded up. I even carried them in my pocket book so I wouldn't have to share them at home. HAPPY MOMMA!!!

That evening, after we got home, JOE and I cuddled up on the couch to relax. I decided to snap a mommy/daughter selfie with strained smiles :-). Don't blame me. She mimics what she sees on my face. This picture actually made me realize just how much JOE looks like me! I never saw it before until this picture.

This one is a random picture. JOE "painted momma's nail". Ummm...she missed the entire top half of my nail! And then insisted on taking a picture of it. How cute....

So while doing the household shopping on Saturday, I found this cup! Talk about a great find! Remember how I told you I am the ice lady? Well, this cup really meets that need. I don't have to make multiple trips to go get my ice. I can just make 2 trips per day. And it has thermal insulation. SCORE!!! My $2 find at Walmart :-).


 We had a nice weekend and so far, the week is going great. I know I am due for a pregnancy update. Hoping to take a picture of my bump and post either tomorrow or Friday. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. You have such a beautiful family and the food looks delicious. Yum

  2. Mad props to J! Wow! I haven't yet gotten my hubby to enjoy traditional traditional Nigerian food yet, but that's my fault because I haven't taken a lot of time to expose him to foods other than moin moin, meat pie, plantains and rice. I have yet to find a good Nigerian restaurant where I live too, but I am now so hungry for it. It may be time to just stroll over to mama's house. Hehe! Very cute pics of you and Joe and J. I can definitely see the resemblance! Your smiles are the same. :)

  3. Joe is so beautiful. She was so proud of her work. I love it.

  4. YAY for relaxing weekend and getting some grown up time. I am impressed that your hubby loves Nigerian food so much. You got me drooling over here by the way.

    I love love love your selfie idea with JOE, such an awesome idea.


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