Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photo dump Wednesday: JOE's earnings

J & I are all about responsible spending and as a result, we often sit together about once every other month to review our finances. We feel this has helped ensure that we are living/spending within our means.
Granted, there are days I wish I could just pull out my card and purchase a Louis Vuitton bag or Louboutin shoes. But that's just not in the cards right now. 

Instead, we plan our finances to ensure that we are comfortable. Part of planning our finances also means teaching JOE. I know she's only 2 but still, I am a firm believer in repetitive teaching for kids. She might not get it the first time or even the tenth time but eventually, it'll click.

A couple of weeks ago, JOE discovered her piggy bank. It has always been in her room but she just took note of it recently. J & I figured it was time to start teaching her about its use.
We gave her 5 cents and she really enjoyed hearing the sound as the coins dropped into her piggy. She immediately asked for more. We took advantage of the opportunity and decided to teach her something. We told her she would earn 5-cents if she cleaned her area. Of course my baby looks at me and says "but but, I don't know how!" Don't be fooled, she knows where her toys go!

A few days later, she asked for "money or buttons for piggy." I reminded her that she would need to clean her play area to get money. This time, it clicked! She immediately collected all of her toys from around the room and lined them up in front of her bed. She felt so proud of herself that I had to take a picture of it.
I love that she is learning to be responsible. Its not much but it is something.

Another thing we have noticed about JOE is that her brain is like a sponge! She is soaking up sooooo much! Due to some building issues at J's job, he's been teleworking for the last week. Last week, after his telework day, he worked out. While he was home doing his stretches, I walked in the house and saw my little girl trying to stretch with her "dadda". I couldn't help but snap a few pictures. How cute are they?

And then there is this picture. JOE got this chair from her uncle M for her birthday last year. We often keep it in her play area but she carried it to the family room and promptly decided to prop up her feet. I thought it was cute so I asked her if I could take some pictures. Normally, she'll say "OK, momma." This time, she said no! Check out the look on her face! It was enough to get me to stop taking the pictures. That's my girl! Personality and all :-).

 Hope you're having an awesome week. Friday is almost here. YAY!!!

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  1. That's pretty good. I never even thought to teach my kids about money at that age. I loved how Joe lined all her toys up so nice and neat. She looks really cute sitting in her little chair, too... :)


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