Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday funnies: That's my JOE!

JOE's been saying some rather interesting things in the last few weeks and some of it has me scratching my head. The others make me go "hmmm".

A couple of weekends ago, I took out JOE's braids so I could wash her hair. That's often an ordeal so the earlier I can get them out in the day, the better.
After her braid was taken out, JOE crawled into our freshly made bed and says "I sleeping." Only, she wasn't sleeping. She'd just pulled the covers over herself and was smiling. She looked so cute, I had to snap a picture of her.
For the record, we do co-sleep. However, she does think this is her bed. We've tried explaining that her crib is her bed but she has refused to accept it. Oh the joys of co-sleeping.

Last weekend was very busy for us. We had a lot to do and after spending all morning on Sunday cooking/preparing for the week, I was tired and had to take the load off my feet. Well, JOE crawled up on me and said "momma, peas rub my back." So I did. Apparently, shortly after that, we both fell asleep. Below is the picture I woke up to on Facebook. Taken by J. :-).

 I often give JOE a bath. I feel like it is some extra bonding time for both of us. Since being pregnant though, J's had to do it sometimes to help if I am too tired. Oftentimes, after I give her a bath, if he is home, he'll come get her from me and get her dressed while I clean up the tub and put things away.
Well, on Tuesday, I gave JOE a bath. J was downstairs doing some work. Well, after her bath, JOE boldly yells "father, come get your child!" It was so funny, I didn't even know what to say to her. Incase you are wondering, it is something I would say but to hear her repeat it? It just made me laugh out loud.

As I have said in the past, JOE is now into getting her nails done. My sister in law turned me on to this nail polish that's safer for kids because it doesn't smell too strong. I like it and so does JOE. Well, the polish came with a card you can color, take a picture and share on Social media to win something.
I helped JOE color the picture below and snapped a picture. While going through the pictures on my phone, she looks at it and say "momma look, ugly oinky!" Apparently, she did not appreciate my art work! I mean, for real? I painted within the lines afterall!!! SMH. "Out of the mouth of babes."

Last week during daddy/daughter time (they spend time playing in the evenings), JOE turned to her dad and says "dadda, give me $100." J said to her, "I don't have $100." JOE then says "OK. I take your watch" and proceeds to try to take off his watch. I honestly wish I knew where she is getting this stuff from.

As you can see though, she keeps us entertained. In a couple of days, we'll welcome the month of March. February has truly been a blessed month and I am excited for what March brings.

Have an awesome weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. She is hilarious! What a smart child! And the, "Father, come and get your child" made me laugh out loud!


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