Friday, February 20, 2015

Funday Friday: My week in pictures

Its been a pretty full week. But I have NO complaints. I am LOVING my new job. It is busy but the people are so nice that I don't even notice. I am already thinking of ways to get right back to work after having the baby. That's how much I love it. It feels like a breathe of fresh air. The comparison is like night and day between my last job and this one!

Last year, I wrote down a list of what I would love in my next job. I happened to go through that list a few days ago and could not believe how much that list matched to where I am right now. It really is a testimony of God's goodness.

Anyways, I know this blog has taken a hit in the last few months because of one thing or another and I keep promising to do better but you know, life happens :-). I do have a ton of draft blogs I start. Just never get a chance to organize everything. So with that said, I am doing a hodge podge of some highlights of the last week in this post in hopes that it'll catch you up on a few things. Enjoy!

J, JOE and I watch family feud in the evenings. If you know how the game is played, in the last round, they take 2 contestants from the winning team and ask them a series of questions in 20 and 25 seconds. Their responses are rated based on the audience surveyed. Anyways, the first contestant here scored 181 points. They have to reach 200 points to win the $20k. The second contestant came out and scored 2 points, then 4 points then 0 in the next 2 questions. So of course at this point, I started screaming for J to come down and watch this because I just knew they would lose the game. BUT lo and behold, she scored 46 points in the last question and they went on to win. SCORE!!! Just goes to show you can't count anyone out until the game is really over.

If I haven't mentioned it before, JOE is obsessed with her nails!!! Now she requests the colors she wants for her nails. Last Saturday was Valentine's day and she requested pink for her fingers and red for her toes. She is just like me in that regard because I often use lighter colors on my fingers and darker on my toes. She loves looking down and saying "look at my toes, they are beautiful!"

I couldn't help but take this picture. After fighting sleep all day, she proceeds to take a nice long 2+ hour nap. I love watching her sleep. Too cute!


This picture was taken last Monday. See how serious she is watching the iPAD and eating her oranges. She could not be bothered with smiling for the camera.

And my dinner on Valentine's day. JOE got to spend the evening with her now former nanny while J and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner. My appetite still hasn't come back fully so I couldn't eat. Basically, I took this picture and had them package the food.

My handsome date for Valentine's day. He did great!. Love me some him.

I got this Strawberry lemonade and pretended it was a mixed drink :-D.

I was trying out something new on JOE's hair last Saturday. It looked cute for like 1-day. Her hair never really holds any styles for long. I know I should do it half way through the week but she doesn't let me. BUT, there is help in sight because JOE let her new caretaker do her hair yesterday! Woohoo!!!

 Another view of her hair.

My parents got her this outfit for Valentine's day. I told her to smile for the picture and this is what I got. She was upset with me for interrupting her time on the iPAD. Ummm...really?

Our little family of 3...soon to be a family of 4. I love this early morning selfie. I guess we can hash tag this one #wewokeuplikethis.

 Classic case of why I should NOT send J to get me plantains from the grocery store. He typically knows what to get cause I have showed him before but this time, he picked some plantain that were so green, they didn't ripen even after 3-weeks. I wanted to throw them out but hubby said it would be a waste of food.
I quickly remembered that my dad likes fried plantain chips (for my Nigerian readers...that's kpekere). So I decided to make some.
I put J to work by asking him to use the slicer for the plantains.


Then in the wok they went. I didn't feel like bringing out the deep fryer.


Finished product. These things BARELY lasted the day let alone the week. J and JOE devoured them! I didn't think JOE would like them but she had bowl after bowl of them. Even got her step stool (a.k.a rescue Randa) to climb on so she could reach the counter and get more. 

My yummy hubby made me breakfast for Valentine's day. How thoughtful was that? Sausages and egg whites cause someone (me) forgot to put eggs on the grocery list :-). I am all about being healthy but I prefer my full egg to just egg whites.

Our loot from Valentine's day. J got JOE this pink princess teddy as well as the balloon. She LOVED it. She immediately went upstairs to get her Doc bag so as to give them both a checkup.

My gift for hubby for Valentine's day.

Hubby's gifts to me including a lovely dinner.

Our gifts to JOE for Valentine's day. Hubby was to helpful with this because I just didn't get a chance to go to the store so he took care of everything.

JOE and her pink bear.

Our weekly selfie.

This picture is titled "make room for baby!" Last Friday, JOE's room was exploding with clothes! J and I went through her closet and drawer to sort out all her clothes and sort the new ones for baby. I have an awesome friend who always sends us the cutest fashionable clothes! She has single handedly blessed us with so many clothes that we often don't have to run out and get stuff for JOE when she outgrows her current clothes cause we already have the next size waiting for her.

And I know I promised a post on baby #2. I kept meaning to write it  up but kept getting distracted. In anycase, here's a picture instead. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words right? Check out the bump difference between 31-weeks and 32 weeks taken last Saturday! Baby has certainly grown!!!

So far, I am up 2.8 lbs for this pregnancy. I was up 1-lb but in 2-weeks, I gained another 1.8lbs. I talked to my OB about it and she said it is normal to gain a pound a week at this point in my pregnancy. If that's the case, I'll be about 10.8-lbs by the time baby girl makes her debut. Hoping to be under 10-lbs. 

And if you're wondering how I keep my weight down, trust me, it is NOT intentional. I typically have no appetite after a few bites of food so basically, baby is occupying A HUGE portion of my insides. I gained 16-lbs with JOE's pregnancy so I am not a big gainer while pregnant. It is AFTER baby I have to worry about. Last time, I lost all the weight plus some right after JOE arrived. Then quickly gained 18-lbs in the 12-months of breastfeeding her. My stomach felt like a bottomless pit! And I was still holding on to those 18-lbs when I got pregnant with #2. Praying its not the same this time around.

Hope you had a lovely week. Be safe! And remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. Woot- cute and fun pics! Looks like your week was fabulous. Happy for you being blessed with a great job! I love Joe's pics, even the non-smiling one- haha. I also love your tights in the 31 week pic! Where'd you get it?

    1. Thank you! She really can be very dramatic when she wants to be. Tights came from motherhood maternity. I pretty much got all my maternity clothes from them. Their stuff fits me much better. They aren't the cheapest BUT I try to catch their sales :-D.

  2. I love how you do JOE's hair. I don't know already done a post on it, I would love to know so that I could do that for AOI's hair. Also the fried plantain looks yummy

  3. I've never tasted fried plantains, but they sure do look delicious. I love Family Feud. We watch it all the time. Joe is such a cutie, even when she's upset with you... great family selfie, too.

  4. JOE's hair, OMG, my favorite. You are doing such a great job with it and it's growing so well. Keep up the good work lady.

    that's a lot of clothes to sort you have there. Baby girl #2 is going to get some awesome hand me down.

    Family selfies are my favorite and you should totally keep up with that weekly selfie with JOE, it is such a great idea.


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