Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thankful weekend!

In light of the horrendous shootings on Friday in Connecticut, I know a lot of people are asking ” where is God?” when things like this happen. Why would God allow a crazy person to take so many innocent lives? While none of us knows why, we can be sure of one thing...that God is still in control.

It is hard to be thankful but I feel like being thankful is another way of acknowledging God's presence in every situation.

I have so much to be thankful for in the last few days so I've decided to blog about a few of the items I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for the lives that were spared in the Connecticut shooting. I know a lot were taken but I am thankful that more were not.

2. I am thankful for the holiday session which is a reminder that God loved us so much he sent his son Jesus. Emmanuel!...God is with us!

3. I am thankful for our little shrub (a.k.a.. Our Christmas tree). Our big tree is in storage while our new home is being built.

4. I am thankful for the progress of our new home. We should be ready to move in in early Spring!

5. I am thankful for my husband and daughter. God truly has increased the love in our family a thousand fold!

6. I am thankful for my first 8+ ounces of milk pumped in one session. My little JOE is going through a growth spurt so she needs every single one of those ounces.

7. I am thankful for my sister who arrived on Friday to help me out a bit.

8. I am thankful for love, life and family!

9. I am thankful for God's provision always so J & I can afford to buy Christmas presents for friends and family.

10. I am thankful to be alive!

What are you thankful for today? I challenge you to start out the week by being more positive and giving thanks.

Have a blessed week!


  1. Thank you for reminding us of what is good. I am thankful for my wonderful beautiful daughters. I love them soo much. I am also thankful that I still have my mom. She lives over 3000 miles away, but her presence is felt everyday in everything that I do.

    1. Definitely great reasons to be thankful. Moms are THE best!

  2. what a beautiful post J. It is so easy to take everyday blessings for granted. I am so thankful for my family's health, our jobs that allow us to have a great life, and just to be alive and well.

    Congrats on the house. You are going to be so happy when you finally move in and get settled. Oh and YAY for 8oz in one sitting.

    1. That's so true. We all do forget to give thanks because life gets in the to speak.

      Thanks for the congrats. We can't wait. Our condo has been shrinking since I got pregnant so we're excited to move and spread out a bit :-).

  3. It's times like these I really remember to count my blessings! Yaah for milk supply!


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