Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Before & After

Being a mom truly has been amazing and challenging all at the same time.

I feel like I could sleep for 12 hours straight but yet at the same time know that I can function on just 2 solid hours of sleep.

The healing process has been a little slower than I thought it would be. I thought for sure by the time J.O.E turned 1 month, I'd be feeling like my old self again but that has not been the same. I am still sore down below. One of the "fun stuff" no one tells you about :-).

A while back, I read on Pegster's blog about the wonders of the belly bandit. I decided to purchase it because I saw the great results Peg got from using it.

Well, the day after I had Jordan (hours after I had her), I put on my belly bandit. I have worn it night and day for the last month.
Here are the results of wearing it. It says to wear it for 6 weeks but the one I got (medium) is too big and I refuse to buy a new one for just 2 weeks.

I am now a believer! My only complaint is that it kept bunching up in the middle which required adjusting it often. But other than that, it was great.

In other awesome news, I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans last week at exactly 3-weeks. I lost all the weight 2-weeks after delivery but it took an extra week to get back into my jeans. That totally made my day last week.
Keep in mind that I was up 17-lbs when I went into labor. She weighed 6lb 4.9oz. Adding another pound for the placenta and also for blood, I was down about 10-lbs when I left the hospital.

Before @ 39-weeks 4days

;">After @ 3-weeks 6 days postpartum.

I hope as J.O.E gets into a routine, I am able to blog some more. I am looking forward to spending the holidays with our new little family.

I am learning to use my iPad so my posts might be a little "patchy" for now. Feel free to offer up tips if you are an iPad expert using blogger.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. wow, you look amazing. the belly bandit is a must for all new moms, wow!

    look at Pegster giving the bandit some business. they should pay her to be the spokesperson.

    1. Thank you. Yeah...Pegster's needs to get some sort of commission or the belly bandit plug :-).

    2. I know right, I thought of writing to them to offer it but then I gave up, too much effort

  2. You look amazing. I really need to get that belly bandit. Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list.
    Can't believe your still sore, sorry to hear. I tore both times too and they stitched me up but after 2 weeks I was fine. Did you use those ice pads? They helped a lot. And there's also a spray.

    1. Thank you. I used the ice pads (still using them). I am getting better each day. Hoping to perhaps get a perineal massage next time. I heard it helps to prevent a bad tear and improves recovery time.

  3. Wow J, you look amazing. The belly bandit is the sh**, I am so glad you used and are pleased with your result. Impressive weight loss too. Go girl, looking forward to more post and your thoughts on motherhood

  4. The body bounce back is definitely some getting used to but it looks like you are doing an awesome job!!! Oh wow a month has already passed by...

    1. Yup. The time sure has flown! I plan to start trying on my work clothes next week to see how they fit. Fingers crossed!

  5. Oh wow. I'm impressed. You look amazing! They really should pay you ladies commission :).

  6. Congratulations again! You look great!! And what a precious blessing you have! She is gorgeous!


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