Friday, March 24, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday: The look of love

The last few weeks have been busy but the best thing about it is that I have started to work on the way I think about things and that really has helped me in my daily life. 
My sister recommended that I read Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyers. Since I never have any "free time", but do have a long commute, I decided to get the audiobook version and it was amazing. It isn't just for Christians. The principles she had in the book apply to everyone. If you are looking for a way to change your mindset or even refocus, this is a good read. I got my free copy from my library so check out your local library first to see if you can get it. 

So the last week has been fun filled and with a renewed mindset, I feel like I am ready to take on new adventures. 
Last Saturday, I decided to make Nigerian puff puff. If you haven't tried it before, it is a fried sweet dough. It is soft and DELISH! I made it as a snack for the family and it was gone by Tuesday!

JOE had 3 that morning. Considering she is not a big foodie, that speaks volumes.

On Saturday, I decided a good way to burn calories and get my steps in was to play the Wii with JOE. Ummm...check out the below! This girl can play! I have been playing the Wii for years and she is only playing it for the second of 3rd weekend. She is the one on the right. She definitely gave me a run for my money!
A picture you won't see is one from the Wii Sports boxing. She beat me hands down! As in she knocked me out in the second round! Honestly, my feelings were a tiney tiny bit hurt. 
My excuse is that she is shorter and the sensor picks her up first before it picks up my player. 

My babies. They fill my heart with so much joy.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to lunch and nails with a friend of mine. We went to our favorite local Indian restaurant. Then walked to the nearby nail salon. 
While getting a pedicure, they turned on the massage chairs. It was definitely a very different experience. 
See the ball under the butt of the figure? Let's just say you could feel that ball in places most people don't want to feel in public! 

I sent the below to my hubby and all he did was laugh! Honestly, it was funny! My friend and I were laughing hysterically. 

I have been doing great with my steps and exercise. The best feeling is seeing the results in the way my clothes fit and folks noticing. Now, I just need the scale to follow suit.
Week 3 of hitting my 10k or more steps 6 out of 7 days.

Sunday was a big milestone for JAE. She is now forward facing because she has hit the weight and height requirement. Check out our first all forward facing family picture. This was taken on our way to Church on Sunday.
The theme color was pink and gray.

And JAE's pictures from our service.

On Monday, JOE decided to make a "no boys allowed" sign for our staircase. I guess boys are not allowed upstairs. LOL.

On Monday, I met up with J for lunch and decided to sport our Afrocentric tee from AyoBE Boutique
I love the way the tee hugs the body and gives character. I got several compliments while wearing it :-D.

On Tuesday evening, J went to a game with his dad and brother so it was me and my babies. I love them so much but they can also be tiresome as far as eaching wanting 1 on 1 attention 100% of the time. 
After "eating" playdough pizza like 10-times which having "tea", I was all pizza'd out. JOE then turned to me and said:
Jordan: Mommy, I wish you'd let me use your camera.
Me: Why?
Jordan: Because I love you and you look beautiful!
#thelookoflove #throughtheyesofachild #myheartbeat

Below is the picture she took. Most definitely the look of love. She truly has my heart. 

Have you had a chance to view our Sunday family Chronicles? If not, go check them out.

Have a FABOULOUS weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday: And so March begins

The month of March has been an interesting month. In my February post, I talked about the warm weather. Well, in March, it got COLD! I mean, wicked cold as they stay in MA. 

So here are some pictures so far from the month of March. 

Here is JOE and JAE's PAG doll wearing the matching Capella African Print Dress. Every now and then, JOE agrees to be my model. It doesn't happen very often but it does once in a purple moon. And often, I have to "encourage" her with the promise of a dessert :-).

And yes, that's her hair. It is growing so much and so well! She has also been MUCH better when doing her hair.

If you follow my personal page on Instagram, you know I have been doing my best to stay healthier. I've been logging in my daily 10k steps EVERY week in addition to exercising 4-times a week. It hasn't been easy but I am doing it. 
The hardest part is watching what goes in my mouth. And THAT is where I need to work harder. 
Here is one of my delicious lunches. YUM! 

The best compliment I get as a business owner is when someone sends me a picture of one of my products in action. A mom sent me this picture. Her daughter received the PAG doll set and outfit as a gift. She got the full set which came with a bed and blanket and she loves her doll. It really brightens my day when I receive these.

Me and my mini me goofing around :-).

One weekend, we put JAE down for her afternoon nap. This little girl REFUSED to take a nap. When I said "close your eyes and lay down in bed!" This is what I got. It was so cute that I had to snap a picture of her.

It was a pink sunday! Have you had a chance to check out our weekly vlog? If not, go check it out. I have also added a page to the header with links to past videos incase you are ever bored :-D.

A couple of weekends ago, we attended a birthday party. My awesome JOE decided to take my camera and take pictures because I was busy helping JAE. I love the way I look through my eyes :-D.

J and I have been trying to do lunches once a week. Last week, we met up at Chili's' for lunch. We ordered dessert and this salted caramel lava cake was EVERYTHING!

I mean, it was way more delicious than some desserts I have had at higher end restaurants.

The next few pictures feature a conversation between me and JOE. 
Me: Why is that crate on your head?
JOE: Because I'm a magician!
Apparently, magicians are basket cases 😒😦😕.

Last week, we celebrated International Women's week. This was my favorite social media post.

JOE who is always ready to put on a show for me came over last week during family time to show me her "Purple Elsa outfit".

I love her imagination. 

JAE was having a growth spurt so we brought her into our bed since she couldn't sleep and was restless. This is the sight I woke up to. My babies!

Another conversation with my little JOE.

JOE: Mommy come see this!
Me: What now? 😒
JOE: I built something...
Me: Ok? 🤔🤔 What is it now?
JOE: I made a go kart for Mr. Bear!
Me: 🙂
I'm pretty impressed that she used my finished body lotion containers to make a go kart. And it came complete with its own steering wheel! 

I love these body butter products from Bath and Body Works. They no longer carry these in stores so I often have to order a bunch online whenever they are having sales.

Proud of her accomplishment. Check out the steering wheel on kart.

Since we have had a cold month of March, we haven't gone on a family work. So I try to do more walking every hour. In addition, when I am able to, I play the Wii with the kids. Check out JOE's scores. I am pretty good at bowling and my 4 year old gave me a run for my money. Yes I beat her but still, check out her solid score! #Impressed.

And birthday DIY is in full effect. Can you guess what her birthday theme is this year?

My little JAE is at that age where it can be challenging to take her to a restaurant. Well, J convinced me to go to the mall. I went and honestly, she was a handful. She didn't want to sit still even when we went to eat. So J and I had to take turns eating. Check out that innocent face :-). 

Last Sunday was a red Sunday. We love our coordinating colors! 

Hope your March is off to an awesome start. Spring is here and it is allergy season. This will be the first year in almost 5-years that I can actually take something for my allergies. Yay!!!

Have a fabulously blessed new month and remember to be kind to strangers

Friday, March 10, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday on Friday: Unusual February

We have been keeping busy and have truly been really enjoying the warmer weather. This is the first month of February since I moved to this area we had NO snow and it was truly warm. Warm as in for the last week of February, I barely wore a jacket! 
The awesome thing is that we got to enjoy the weather outdoors and were able to go on a family walk a couple of times. 
The bad thing is the most obvious...GLOBAL WARMING!!! Scary huh?

Anyways, we are now in the month of March and mother nature appears to have finally gotten the memo because it has been cold AND we have snow in the forecast for this weekend. Not fun!

In February, J and I decided to implement a new rule in our home. On weekdays, after J gets home from work, we will put away our phones. This will allow us to spend more time with the kids and to see how they are doing. It hasn't been easy but we are enjoying the extra cuddles and jog around the house and pretend play.
And honestly, playing with the kids has us less stressed out.

On my way to work one early February morning, I snapped this picture. The skies looked so beautiful and promising. 

In February, we introduced these African Print tees. I love them so much and are my new favs!

You can get the tee in black or white here

Also, a lady I work with is having a baby so I decided to make her baby a mini-bow. I love it so much that I have decided to list it on our site. Go take a look! It is perfect for their beautiful little heads :-D.

I took advantage of the unusually warm weather and exercised a few times outdoors. Although I must say that I missed our bike machine because when I exercise at home, I also use weights to allow me to burn more calories. But nothing beats fresh air!

One Friday in February, we had really gorgreous weather so I decided to let the kids go out and play with the rest of the neighborhood kids. They had a great time!

This little girl is just so beautiful inside and out! JOE and JAE look at her as their big sister. It is really cute to watch them interact.

After one of our family walks, JAE decided to wear J's glasses. This girl is so into fashion, it is unbelieveable! I didn't realize it could start this early but if something looks good, you better believe she'll wear it. My bags, my shoes, name it. Then she'd go in front of a mirror to look at herself! 

My little fashionista.

USies! On Sundays, we take a family selfie in the car. Well, 3/4 of the family that is. JAE is still back facing. We will likely be turning her around sometime in the next few weeks. Oh the joys! I wonder how we'll be taking pictures since my hair is often in the way. No matter...we'll make it work. 
It was a purple Sunday and since I don't have a purple dress, I wore the Azure Earrings from AyoBE Boutique.

Milestone Sunday! My baby JOE took our her own braids for the first time! She did it all by herself and we are so proud of her!
Look at all that hair!

She was very proud of herself. 

It was a beautiful February. One filled with love, joy, laughter and good weather. We welcome the Spring (not allergy season) with anticipation of new growth.

Have a lovely weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


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