Thursday, May 18, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday: Mother's day 2017

I had an awesome Mother's day. The entire weekend was really nice. Not as relaxing but it was nice to be with family. 
On Friday evening, my sister and her co-worker came over and stayed the night since they were was in town for training. JOE and JAE were so happy to see my youngest sister and had a blast with her. 

On Saturday morning, I decided to try out a pancake recipe I found online. I was really excited about it. I was hoping it would be a good family recipe that everyone would enjoy since it employed the use of coconut flour which is high in protein and lower in carbs. Well, let's just say it DID NOT live up to the reviews I found on Pinterest. This was quite possibly, THE DRIEST pancake I have ever had. J said it was tasty after he added maple syrup. But I can't vouch for that since I am on a low carb, high protein diet. 

My first clue that this was a disaster in the making should have been when I put it in the pan and it didn't clump together like it should. 
The one positive though is that I LOVE the smell of the coconut flour! Now, I have to find a recipe that works with it because it does have a very nice flavor.

I am still doing great with my workout and healthier eating plan. I completed week 4 on Atkins phase 1 last week Friday. And honestly, my initial carb cravings have really reduced. 

For mother's day, I received very nice gifts from J, the girls and J's parents. 

I got my favorite Kona Hawaiin coffee including other items that I absolutely love. 

This coffee is turning me into a coffee snob :-P

On Sunday, in honor of mother's day, we all wore purple and pink (the girls had more pink than purple).

I love the little scarf headtie I wore on my hair. I realized after I got ready that I didn't have a headband to match my outfit so I made my own :-).
If you'd like a tutorial on how to make this, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to post a video on my YouTube channel. It is wicked easy.

Since we were going to meet up with J's parents for brunch, we decided to go to the early service so as not to miss out on my mother's day blessings :-).

Early service meant that we were at the restaurant before they opened. So after we filmed our weekly Sunday Family Chronicles, J let JAE come up front to "drive". 

JOE and JAE consumed A TON of bacon and the apple juice they had was WAYYYYY too sweet for them. We often dilute it but with all the chaos around the very busy restaurant, we didn't and let's just say, the girls were VERY hyper when we got home. 
So we decided to let them play around in the backyard while we enjoyed the warmer weather.
It was mother's day afterall so I decided to stretch out. I don't think J was very impressed. I mean, this momma needed a feet rub!

I was enjoying the nice weather :-D.

A meltdown in the making. She wanted to turn on the bubble machine while her sister was still playing at the sandbox and because I said no, she proceeded to take the machine and walk away.

Her awesome big sister went after her but JAE was having none of it.

Needless to say, JAE won. We closed up the sandbox and turned on the bubble machine. They enjoyed trying to catch double bubbles at once :-).

Backyard fun.

I want to say they took a nap afterwards but that was a futile effort. However, the most important thing is that we got a chance to be together as a family and that's al I could have asked for on Mother's day. 

On Monday, I had my annual physical. Does ANYONE enjoy having those? I feel like there is never any good news. While I am thankful for mostly good health, there are a few things I need to work on. Including continuing on my weight loss goal. I have to go back again in 6-months for a follow up. Hoping I'll have much better numbers when I go back. 

I also had a busy week working on items for AyoBE Boutique. 
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And incase you don't follow me on Instagram (you should be 😁), check out my baby in the African Print Pocahontas dress. She was really channeling Pocahontas here.

Check out my not so little baby! I'm constantly amazed at how quickly she is growing. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week and remember to be kind to strangers!

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  1. Looks like a great Mother's Day! It's amazing to see how big they are getting! Time is flying way too quickly.


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