Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday: Mommy Daughter Date and more

The last couple of weeks have been truly busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

A few weeks ago, JOE asked for a mommy daughter date with just me and her. I had been planning on doing it but time just got away from me and things kept coming up. So when she asked, I immediately put a date on our family calendar and set out to plan something with her. 
I gave her a choice of pottery painting, nails or shopping. She wanted to go pottery painting. So I scouted around and found a few places not too far from us. 

JOE is really very crafty and creative so it was no surprise that she chose pottery painting. Check out her "alien baby egg" using an empty Easter egg, a pipe cleaner and a pom pom.

So on Saturday, after I got my exercise in, we got ready and headed to the pottery painting place. It was our first time at this location but we enjoyed it so much that JOE said this is where she wants to have her birthday party. Now, I have to be creative with her party theme and the location. No worries...I am sure it'll come to me between now and then. Thankfully, the date for her birthday is still available.
When we got there, she immediately said she wanted to paint a unicorn. For some reason, she is all about unicorns right now. 
So we looked for a unicorn for her. That's the other thing this place had over the last place we went. Lots of fun selection to paint at reasonable prices.

JOE found her unicorn and went to work.

I often tell the girls I love them from the earth to the moon and back. So of course, this cup was the first thing I saw and wanted to paint. 
While I was there, there were a few people painting for Mother's day. J, take note for next year ;-).

Anyways, here is JOE's "masterpiece!" 

We left it there and will pick up the glazed pieces next week Saturday. I'll post pictures after we pick them up.

Afterwards, we went to Rita's. I can't believe I actually went there and didn't get anything for me! Thank you Atkins! :-). 
Anyways, JOE said she wanted the chocolate custard and chocolate frozen ice with sprinkles and reeces pieces. 

Because it was quite a bit chilly that day, we decided to sit in the car while JOE had her treat. She loved it in the front seat and wanted to ride home there but I explained to her that the law requires she be in the backseat :-). 
She loved her chocolate custard but didn't much care for the chocolate frozen ice. So I had to separate it out for her and ended up tossing it. the self proclaimed no waste mom has decided to NOT treat my body as their garbage can by helping them finish their food. It can be struggle but I am doing it :-).

Check out JOE's happy face. It was such a treat to hang out with her. I love that she is very opinionated and is just a very well rounded kid. She is kind and smart and is soaking up so much knowledge on a daily basis. My daily prayers and wish for her and JAE is for God to bless them and continue to guide and protect them. 

Afterwards, while waiting to pick up our late lunch/early dinner, JOE and I decided to do a lip syncing video. Check it out. I have heard this song TOO MANY TIMES!!! And obviously got too excited :-).

Like I said, the last few weeks have been busy. Here is a sneak peak of the new top AyoBE Boutique will be offering soon. It isn't listed on the site yet but stay tuned!

I love to make items I or my kids can wear and love. This top is no exception. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the color and the style. I had a few tries as far as the style goes and finally decided on this one. 

The perfect warm weather top. Chic and comfy.

After pottery painting on Saturday, J and I focused on doing work in our basement. To save some money, we decided to paint the walls ourselves and put up the accent wall. 
It took a lot longer than we anticipates since the girls also needed attention and we had to learn to use the sprayer we got. Needless to say, we were bone tired by the time we went to bed. So much so that we didn't record a vlog on Sunday. Especially since we knew we had to get more of the wall done on Sunday after church. 

So I MADE a matching headband for the top above. Of course, I had to wear it on Sunday to Church. Check out our family Sunday car selfie with me wearing my beautiful headband.

And here is a sneak peak of how I spent my Sunday afternoon. This is the accent wall and I LOVE it! It was A LOT of work. To the tune of 4 hours. I didn't factor in the time to measure when I first came up with this concept. But overall, it turned out great. I'll post final pics in a future post once the basement is completed.

Hope your week is going well so far. Have a lovely weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!

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