Monday, April 10, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday: Complete Randomness

Post was written last week...
Happy new week! We had a fabulous weekend and are thrilled to be starting off the new month! I can't believe we are in April already! I mean, I still feel like we JUST celebrated Christmas and already, we are one month closer to Memorial day. HOW?

Anyways, March was a month filled witih celebrations for my family. One of them being my parent's 42nd wedding anniversary. Check out the cute couple responsible for who I am today. 

I took this picture for 2 reason. 1. I liked the way I looked that day at work and 2. I had just told J the day before that I felt my hair wasn't growing. Well, lo and behold, I stood at the mirror and had some definite hang time with my curls! Woohoo!!! :-)
And yes, I know..."health over length"...but I still like to see length :-D.

JOE's patient Pocahontas hurt her foot so JOE put a "bandage" on it to help it heal properly. My ever so throughtful daughter. #futuredoctor

I was sewing a pair of pants 2 weeks ago and JAE volunteered to be my model. I love that she enjoys wearing things I make. #mommyslittlehelper

Our neighbor is having a baby soon and I totally had to make her a onesie. Her beautiful miracle baby arrives soon and I know she will be loved and definitely, #flawless 

Off to church we went. From our Sunday morning car selfies on our way to church. It was a pink and yellow Sunday for the family. I have on a purple scarf because I was showing too much at the top. :)

Sisterly love. They get along great! Yes, they often fight but when it boils down to it, they have each other's back.

Me and my baby! I love that we now talk and have good heart to heart conversations. This little girl is really just the best 4 year old I know!

I attended the baby shower for our neighbor last Sunday. It was a surprise and even though I wasn't there when she came in, I heard she was very pleasantly surprised. I am so happy about that because she really is awesome and very deserving of the surprise baby shower. Plus it'll be her first girl after 2 boys. Woohoo!!! 

I decided to make personalized Easter baskets for the girls this year. I found these buckets at Hobby Lobby and decided to put the girls names on there. How cute are these??? I love the way they turned out.

JAE, watching her iPAD before bed. We are trying to transition her to the bottle but this girl is having none of that. She holds on to the "big girl cup" and refuses to drink her milk from it. The positive thing is that we are saving on almond milk since we aren't buying as many. LOL!

Late last week, Ariel had surgery courtesy of Doctor Jordan. She is safely resting now and appears to have made a full recovery. Check out the "surgical instruments" used. #scary

Life has been so busy. I often start the blog on Monday, expecting to post on Wednesday but inevitably, something comes up and I don't get around to it. I'm not complaining though. It just means life is happening as it should. 
I hope your year is also progressing positively. Have a fabulous new week and remember to be kind to strangers!

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  1. Your hair is definitely growing! Looks so healthy too :)

    The year is moving way too quickly ... I feel like it was just Christmas time too!


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