Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Photo Dump Wednesday: 6th Wedding Anniversary

Continuation from my post last week. 

Our 6th wedding anniversary fell on Easter Sunady so we decided to celebrate instead on Monday since we already had a full plate. I am glad JOE took the below picture because at least we have one of just us on our anniversary.

The 6th anniversary is metal and it took me a while to come up with gifts for J. But I was able to just look for things he likes and work from there. 

First, I got a him a moscow mule copper cup. Keeping with the metal theme. He loves White Russians and I have already scouted Pinterest for some easy recipes to make for him. 
He also likes peanut butter chocolate so I got a few of his favs.

The next gift was a tee I made for him. Since it is our 6th anniversary, I looked for a bible verse to commemorate it. This passage was perfect for it. So I designed and put this on the bag.

A while back, J saw a tee shirt with this saying and joked about it. Even though he joked, I knew it had the perfect saying for him because he really is an awesome husband. So I put those words on the front of the shirt, 

J on the other hand got me this GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers. The name of it is "HOT HOT HOT". Yup...for real...that's the name of the arrangement and J said he got it for me because he thinks I am "hot hot hot"...LOL...that man knows the way to my heart :-)...flattery...

In addition, he had a custom made chocolate bar wrapping. It came complete with our wedding picture after we said our I DOs.

He even had them use our wedding color on the outside :-D.

The back had the sweetest ingredients list and words. 

We worked out first thing on Monday before exchanging gifts and then cleaning up before heading out. 
Car selfies on our way to one of our favorite restaurants. 

As you can see, I am wearing the headband from AyoBE Boutique. It is so beautiful and easy to wear that it effortlessly makes my hair look good.
The earrings can also be found here. I love these earrings because they are light weight, stylish and speak the word without my even having to open my mouth! Triple win!

A close up of the earrings

Since I am on the Atkins lifestyle healthier eating plan, this was the perfect place for our lunch. Why? Because it is all about MEAT! Glad I am not a vegetarian :-D.

I took the broccoli but then read up on it there and realized it has extra carbs that I didn't want to consume since I planned on having dessert. So I skipped it.
The olives were a little too tart for me but I enjoyed everything else on the plate.

And often times, I'd get a drink but instead, decided on a glass of water this time :-).

Since J is supporting me, he also decided to skip his drink. Love him!

Selfie in teh restaurant. 

We told them we were celebrating our anniversary and we got a complimentary dessert. They wrote "Happy" on one plate and "Anniversary" on the other. Very sweet. 

I had the flan and J had the cheesecake. I skipped the cherry and whipped cream and syrup. I know...not a huge deal but I saved myself some extra calories there.

Afterwards...on our drive home. I love living in this area because you get to see and appreciate a lot.

J, wearing his shirt after we got home.

He loves it.

It definitely was an awesome anniversary celebration. I am glad we took time to reflect on where we are, where we came from and where we hope to be someday. We are very grateful for God's continous blessings on our lives. 
I hope you enjoyed reading the recap. Enjoy the rest of your week and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. LOL, I got Sean a moscow mule copper cup for our 7th! The 7th is cooper :) I love White Russians too! You just gave me an idea to search for simple recipes to make at home.

    You both did great on the gifts!

    Looks like a fantastic night out. Haha, to the comment "Glad I am not a vegetarian" Seriously :)

  2. Happy anniversary you guys, 6 years is such an amazing milestone. Anniversary celebrations are so fun. We celebrate our 8th anniversary in less than a month. Time sure flies when you are having a great time.


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